Mangaluru: Unity Health Complex Now Equipped With 16 SLICE CT

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Mangaluru: State of art 16 SLICE CT scan was inaugurated by Senior consultant Neurosurgeon, Dr K V Devadiga and Senior consultant, Dr AV Shetty at the Unity Health Complex, Falnir here, on January 11.

Laparoscopy surgeon Ashfaque Mohammed welcomed the gathering.

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Speaking on this occasion, Dr A V Shetty said, “Things are moving pretty fast and if we don’t move very fast someone else will take our place. Unity hospital has always had cutting edge technology and will remain the most modern healthcare in the city.”

Dr Devadiga said, “Unity has become a brand in Mangaluru, which is why patients and doctors come here whenever they face any trouble. No other hospital in Mangaluru is as well planned as the Unity Health Complex.” He congratulated the Managing Director, Ajmal M Habeeb and Executive Director, Ashfaq Moideen for planning and building the hospital.

Chairman and Medical Director, Dr C P Habeeb Rahman said, “Change in technology keeps us in pace. The main operating cost of any hospital goes in procuring equipment.” He congratulated the chief guests and said that Dr Shetty and Dr Devadiga had set medical values and ethics for budding doctors to follow.

The 16 Slice CT Scan is engineered specifically for multi slice scanning featuring unique x-ray and detector system providing super thin slices for crystal clear imaging in all three dimensions and allowing for multi- planer views of internal structures with reduced radiation dose.

It has several advantages and applications,
1. Larger volumes shorter time, fewer motion artifacts.
2.Thinner slices, better resolution, 3D images.
3.Abdominal Images :
a. Improved tumor detector, staging, surgery planning
b. • Chest: Pulmonary emboli
• Bronchial tree disorders
• Lung diseases etc
• CT angiograms (for stenosis, aneurysm evaluation, of aorta, mesenteric vessels, carotid, cerebral, Renal & Limb
• Vessel analysis, straightened out vessel of interest, plots diameter of lumen and measures Stenosis / Blockages.
4. Virtual endoscopy.
5. KUB, kidney, ureter and bladder stone evaluation.
6. Orthopedic, spine evaluation.
7. Dedicated pediatric protocols offers fast scan with low radiation dose

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