Mangaluru: Vehicle Transporting 16 Cows Illegally Seized by Barke Police

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Mangaluru: A vehicle, a Force Traveller bearing registration number KA 19 AA 3678, carrying 16 cows was seized by the Barke Police at Durgha Mahal junction, Mannagudda here, on July 9.

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On July 8, a press meet was held by the Vishwa Hindu Parishat (VHP) in which they had alleged that the police were not taking action against cow traffickers and were forced to stage a protest against the police and the government.

But on July 9, the police performed their duty and seized 16 cows along with the vehicle.

Some cows were found to be seriously injured and the leg of a cow was broken. Locals helped the Barke police in treating and shifting the cows from the Barke Police Station to the Fajir Goshala.

A case has been registered in the Barke Police Station and search is on for the culprits.

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  1. Only a ‘raakshasa’ mindset will treat animals this badly. I couldn’t even look at those pics for more than a few seconds. Hard to believe that this is the land of Mahaaveera, Gauthama Buddhda and Mahatma Gandhiji.

    Irrespective of your food habits, if you think that this is an acceptable way of treating animals before slaughtering them, you certainly need some medical help and counseling!

  2. Hard to believe that this is the land of Mahaaveera, Gauthama Buddhda and Mahatma Gandhiji.-Atheist Mr.Original

    Sir, Thanks to proving once again that Vedic people belongs to ‘Sindh valley civilization’ who migrated to down to India.

    To begin with the historian breaks the myth that Muslim rulers introduced beef eating in India. Much before the advent of Islam in India beef had been associated with Indian dietary practices.

    A survey of ancient Indian scriptures, especially the Vedas, shows that amongst the nomadic, pastoral Aryans who settled here, animal sacrifice was a dominant feature till the emergence of settled agriculture. Cattle were the major property during this phase and they offered the same to propitiate the gods. Wealth was equated with the ownership of the cattle.

    Many gods such as Indra and Agni are described as having special preferences for different types of flesh – Indra had weakness for bull’s meat and Agni for bull’s and cow’s. It is recorded that the Maruts and the Asvins were also offered cows. In the Vedas there is a mention of around 250 animals out of which at least 50 were supposed to be fit for sacrifice and consumption. In the Mahabharata there is a mention of a king named Rantideva who achieved great fame by distributing foodgrains and beef to Brahmins. Taittiriya Brahman categorically tells us: `Verily the cow is food’ (atho annam via gauh) and Yajnavalkya’s insistence on eating the tender (amsala) flesh of the cow is well known. Even later Brahminical texts provide the evidence for eating beef. Even Manusmriti did not prohibit the consumption of beef.

    The emphasis on non-violence by Buddha was not blind or rigid. He did taste beef and it is well known that he died due to eating pork. Emperor Ashok after converting to Buddhism did not turn to vegetarianism. He only restricted the number of animals to be killed for the royal kitchen.

    So where do matters change and how did the cow become a symbol of faith and reverence to the extent of assuming the status of `motherhood’? Over a period of time mainly after the emergence of Buddhism or rather as an accompaniment of the Brahminical attack on Buddhism, the practices started being looked on with different emphasis. The threat posed by Buddhism to the Brahminical value system was too severe. In response to low castes slipping away from the grip of Brahminism, the battle was taken up at all the levels. At philosophical level Sankara reasserted the supremacy of Brahminical values, at political level King Pushyamitra Shung ensured the physical attack on Buddhist monks, at the level of symbols King Shashank got the Bodhi tree (where Gautama the Buddha got Enlightenment) destroyed.

    Will you disown Swami vivekananda, king named Rantideva,Lord Ram……from this nation?

    Meat eating and animal killing in Valmiki ramayan

    B. Glorification of roasted meat for eating by Shri Ram chandr ji and others

    1. Sanskrit text
    तां तदा दर्शयित्वा तु मैथिली गिरिनिम्नगाम् ।निषसाद गिरिप्रस्थे सीतां मांसेन छन्दयन् ।।
    इदं मध्यमिदं स्वादु निष्टप्तमिद मग्निना ।एवमास्ते स धर्मात्मा सीतया सह राघवः ।।
    (वाल्मीकि रामायण, अयोध्या काण्ड, 96, 1 व 2)

    Hindi Translation
    अर्थात इस प्रकार सीता जी को (नदी के) दर्शन कराकर उस समय श्री रामचन्द्र जी उनके पास बैठ गए और तपस्वी जनों के उपभोग में आने योग्यमांस से उनका इस प्रकार लालन करने लगे, ‘‘इधर देखो प्रिये, यह कितना मुलायम है, स्वादिष्ट है और इसको आग पर अच्छी तरह सेका गयाहै।‘‘
    Word by word Sanskrit to english translation:
    मैथिलीम् princess of Mithila, तां सीताम् that Sita, तथा in that way, गिरिनिम्नगाम् mountain-river, दर्शयित्वा having shown, मांसेन with meat,छन्दयन् gratifying, गिरिप्रस्थे on the mountain-slope, निषसाद sat.
    धर्मात्मा righteous, स राघवः that Rama, इदम् this, मेध्यम् sacred meat, इदम् this, स्वादु is savoury, इदम् this one, अग्निना with fire,निष्टप्तम् roasted, एवम् uttering this way, सीतया सह in the company of Sita, आस्ते was seated.

    1.Is our Mr.Original clarify Ashwa Medha, Gomedha Yajna and Naramedha Yajna are not example of violence against animal?
    2.If Honey and Milk are animal products, so why not meat?
    3. Will he believe in Jagdish Chandra Bose research on Plant perception or biocommunication is the paranormal idea that plants are sentient, that they respond to humans in a manner that amounts to ESP, and that they experience pain and fear?
    4.What is the perception of RSS against Spain ‘Blood sport’ which actually kills the bull?

    5.Why Wild boar is not revered by RSS even though is Lord vishnu Avatar which slew the demon and retrieved the Earth from the ocean, lifting it on his tusks, and restored Bhudevi to her place in the universe?

    Majority of our Hindu brethren are made to believe that Non-veg food is against their culture and tradition. They are told that Hinduism is against killing of animals for food. However a careful study of their sacred scripture gives entirely different picture.

    Also it is time for our Indian brethren to wake up and understand the tactics of some elements of our society who use meat eating as a political tool to divide people. Due to the sensitive nature of the topic some of our innocent’s brethren get carried away in emotion and don’t look at facts. Let’s not be divided and don’t let people polarize the society.

    Let us not allow anti-social elements to spread hatred, create division and polarize hearts of fellow countrymen in the name of meat and animals.

    Jai Hind

  3. Hey Sharia Shaikh,
    Stay on subject. I didn’t bring up veda, puraana or your old book from 7th century. Take a look at those pics. Is this how we should be treating animals? Well, I fully understand why you can’t understand the suffering of these animals. Because, you are one of those who worship and secretly romanticize about a culture that beheads people for silly things like music and magic. People are thrown from the top of the building because they were gays!! You probably enjoy the videos published by your friends with black flags. When you associate yourself with a culture that celebrates suffering and violence, how can you ever understand ‘ahimsa’ ? The only language you understand is force. This is why we need to thank strong forces like Doddana, Kempanna, Israel, RSS, Indian Army, China etc.

    • It is shame, Rather a complement, to Modi and RSS by Duplicate Pai. Duplicate accepts that Modi and RSS can not cope up with the challenges from Pakistan. He foolishly considers China, an accomplice of Pakistan, as India’s friend!

      He puts his lot with Doddana, Israel and China, with disgraceful diffidence to face Pakistan!He is insulting Indian Army by bracketing together the Timid paper tigers of RSS with it!

      Compare this with what the valiant Congress did. Congress, which challenged his Doddanna’s 7nt Fleet, China and Pakistan simultaneously, to win the war making 93,000 Prisoners of war of Pakistan Army!

    • Original,
      RSS is not a force or army as they don’t defend a country but divide society on religious tenents
      Speaking about

  4. “If honey and Milks are animal products, why not meat” argues sharia Shaikh.

    What a pathetic and illogical argument!! I remember answering this question more than a year ago. As per your backward, tribal logic, milk and honey are equal to meat. So, please do the following experiment – Take a sharp knife and cut a little bit of your hair. Now, take the same sharp knife and cut one of your fingers. Remember – I am asking you to do very safe things so you can still be alive. Tell me how did your experiment go!!

  5. @ Pincode Pai – I can see why you intentionally behave like a political illiterate. China’s alliance with Paakistaana is a strategic one as it truly fears India and West. It doesn’t mean that China wants ‘peaceful’ groups spreading their influence in its own society. Didn’t you read the report on how it kicked out a bunch of ‘tourists’ for watching ‘peaceful’ videos in their hotel room? If India had done the same thing, you and other illiterates would have cried like babies. As to RSS, if you think RSS is a paper tiger, why are you worries about RSS in every single post? LOL LOL It shows how much you and your sharia-compliant crowd fears RSS for its strong intellectual opposition!! smiles…

    @Nicholas – You don’t sound very intelligent. I wasn’t talking about just defending country. I was talking about the opposition to medieval tribal forces. Like it or not, RSS is an important domestic force that keeps some of these shenanigans under control!!

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