Mangaluru: VHP to Hold Historic Protest against Cow Trafficking and Illegal Cow Slaughtering on July 13

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Mangaluru: The Vishwa Hindu Parishat (VHP) will hold a historic protest against illegal cow slaughtering and cow trafficking on July 13 in the city, said the District President of Vishwa Hindu Parishat, M B Puranik, in a press meet held at the VHP office, PVS Circle Kodialbail here, on July 8.

Addressing the mediapersons, Puranik said that cow trafficking, attacking cows with deadly weapons and illegal cow slaughtering is rampant in coastal Karnataka. “But the state government has showed negligence on such issues which has encouraged those slaughtering cows illegally to commit more crimes. We have informed the police but they are not taking any action against the traffickers or illegal cow slaughters. The Karnataka Prevention of Cow Slaughter and Cattle Preservation Act, 1964 is still in effect but cows have been taken like chickens and goats to slaughter houses.”

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He further said that 90% of the cows which are taken to the slaughter houses are stolen and not legally purchased. Cow traffickers are transporting cows to the slaughter houses without fear. From the past three days, our members have been informing the police to take action against cow traffickers. The police are not taking any action and say that they have lack of staff.

“When our activists try to protect the cows, they are booked under the Goonda Act or IPC section 307. But when we request the police to take action against the traffickers, they are hesitant to do so. We have organized a protest on July 13 in this regard and it will start from 8 am from different places, all the participants will reach Jyothi at 2 pm,” he said. A vehicle ‘jatha’ will be held from Udupi, Karkala, Moodbidri, Dharmasthala, Puttur, Talapadi and all the participants will gather at Jyothi. From Jyothi, there will be a procession and all the participants will gather at the Nehru Maidan at 4 pm for a stage programme.

Vice president of Central Goraksha Committee Hukum Singh Chawla will be the speaker. More than 10,000 people from Udupi, Dakshina Kannada and Kerala will take part in the protest.

Addressing the mediapersons convener of the Goraksha Committee Dr P Ananthakrishna Bhat said, “It is a historic protest. We are holding such a protest for the first time against the government, police department and the cow traffickers. On one hand, the government is encouraging milk producers by providing them various schemes and on the other, cow traffickers are free to transport the cows illegally. We need to bring control over such acts and stop illegal cow slaughtering and cow trafficking. Milk is a basic need for everyone but day-by-day, cows are decreasing in numbers because of trafficking.”

He urged all the people who have lost their cows to join the protest, forgetting caste, creed and religion.

Kateel Dinesh Pai, Sharan Pumpwell, Jagadish Shenava, Jitendra Kottari, Gopal Kuthar and Bhujang Kulal were also present.

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  1. Let them at first protest against the mysterious death of 47 human beings in MP before the cow killing. Which is
    important? The recent flooding in the holy State of Gujarat (the worst in 90 years), Mumbai and Varanasi have killed thousands of cows. Why the Government didn’t take any precaution to keep them safe from the painful drowning?

  2. “Buffalo meat isn’t beef,” says Vinod Bansal, spokesperson for Vishva Hindu Parishad, a Hindu nationalist organization. “Only cow meat is beef and India doesn’t export that. And if a Hindu eats beef he or she cannot be called a Hindu.”

    Dear readers,

    It seems Mangalore unit VHP doesn’t now what is the difference between cow and buffalo. After successful experiment of Maharashtra cow ban to punish Muslims economically hard now they want to extend it to non-BJP ruled state.

    How does cow is not holp in BJP ruled Goa but Karnataka is different?

    Why not this Gorakshka committee Bhata organise historic protest in front of PMO,Agriculture minister office and ask for demand complete export ban?

    Why does Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to China last month may have cleared the way for export of the meat to the world’s biggest market two years after an agreement was signed?

    If cow population is feared decreased citing agrarian reason, why don’t it distribute milk in Anganvadi schools free instead of forcing them for Yoga?

    Out of six largest meat suppliers in India four are Hindus

    Beef Ban: Hindus are the largest exporter of beef and cow leathers

    Why Muslim MLA’s bill for protection of cows defeated by ruling BJP in Madhya Pradesh?

    BJP ‘buries’ Gau Mata bill– Cong Bhopal MLA springs surprise on rival

    Why PM Modi is not against the ‘pink revolution’ worth $5 billion in export?

    Finally this is RSS and sister organisation VHP ploy to disturb the peacful enviorment in the state. The timing is specifically chosen coincide with with Muslim festival and this agitation peaks during the season of ‘Bakrid’.

    After failure of Samjostava to vitigate enmity between the community they are once again rake up the ‘Go math’ issue to divert the failure of PM Modi government in the center.

    Jai Hind

  3. I am really worried about AS Mathew!! He seems to have lost his mind – Why is he talking about Madhya Pradesha in response to inhumane cow slaughtering by ‘naalige chapala’ crowd? What kind of logic is this? Is this what happens when you consume beef on regular basis?

    • Original RSS Pai is worried when the fact of RSS supporting the butchering of witnesses and accused. Fifty killings and sixty killings of humans in VYAPAM SCAM take place in Modi’s party’s government in Madhya Pradesh. HE DOES NOT LIKE ANY SUCH POST!


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