Mangaluru: We will Build one Ram Mandir in India and another in Pakistan -Sadhvi Balika Saraswati

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Mangaluru: To mark the golden jubilee of Vishwa Hindu Parishat, Virat Hindu Samajotsava is being held at the Nehru Maidan here on March 1.

The grand procession was flagged off by Ganesh Rao and Vijanath Shetty along with Odiyoor Gurudevananda Swamiji by releasing the baloons in the air at Ambedkar Circle Jyothi. The procession will culminate at the Nehru Maidan. 9 tableaux and various bands marched in a procession with a grand display of saffron.

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The stage programme began with the reciting of Hanuman Chalisa. Honorary president Ganesh Rao welcomed the gathering.

State President of VHP M B Puranik briefed on the activities of Vishwa Hindu Parishat.

Speaking on the occasion, Sri Vishvesha Tirtha Swamiji of Pejawar Math said that youth should not harm other religions, instead of pelting stones on churches or mosques they should respect other religions. Sadhwi Balika Saraswati is the role model for all the youth. Youth should be inspired by her. We have to be the peace lovers and not the problem makers.

He further said that now there is a debate on re-conversion. Some ask, if they re-convert how will the Hindu community treat them. He said, “Whoever re-converts they will be treated as how all Hindus are treated”.

Speaking on the occasion president of the Samajotsava Samiti Vijaynath Vittal Shetty said, “I am very happy to see the huge gathering at Nehru Maidan. I was born in India in a Hindu family so I belong to Hindu religion and I respect it”. He further said that Hinduism is a way of life, a dharma.  He also said that we have to respect other religions. We are Indians and whoever is born in India are our brothers and sisters.

Dharmadhikari Dr Veerendra Heggade released the souvenir “Suvarna Sinchana” on the occasion. Later Speaking Dr veerendra Heggade said that we need to bring all the Swamijis together. In Ujire when we held the Samajotsava we had invited all the Swamijis to the programme and they were present. If the Swamijis unite together the Hindu Community will become stronger. He also said we need to inculcate the tradition and culture in us. We are Hindus and we are one. Everyone should unite and build a strong nation.

Speaking on the occasion Sadhwi Balika Saraswati said, “I had heard a lot about Mangaluru before coming here. Many said that this programme will be a success. But when 33 crore gods and goddesses showed their presence by showering us with rain, then it is a sure sign that this programme is successful. This is not just water, but the blessings of the gods. It is a ‘dharm goshna’ for us Hindus. Hindutva was, is and will be there.”

“When you ask me what has VHP done, then I answer that it has brought Hindus together. And today we are celebrating the day of this organisation that has been binging Hindus together for the past 50 years.”

“India is facing many problems like terrorism, corruption, slaughter of cows that give us milk. In Kargil, Hindus are being slaughtered. What is the reason? People say that Muslims, Christians are behind this. But I tell you, nobody has the capacity to kill Hindus in India. The traitors of our country are killing us. If we don’t sell our cows, then it cannot be slaughtered. If each and every Hindu in India takes care of one cow, then the number of cows being slaughtered will be automatically reduced. If you will put your trust in the government to stop cow slaughter, then you will be disappointed. Because the government makes Rs 30,000 for each cow from the slaughter business. The government sees only money, not our mother (cow).”

“There is no insufficiency of people who ‘bark’ in our country. In Hyderabad, a guy called Owaisi shouts and scares Hindus. But he has no guts to tell it in front of Hindus. He tells to remove the police for a few minutes and see what happens, but he is scared of what will happen if there is no police. The police have Hindu blood too. He is alive till now because he took Ramji’s name or else it would be difficult to recognise him even with an autopsy. These people eat and live in India, but praise Pakistan. Such people must be hit with shoes and be sent to Pakistan.”

“People tell me that since I am a saint, I should not be talking bad things. But I told them that I am no longer a part of that tradition in which if someone hits one cheek, then I would show them the other. No, We have been hit a lot, have allowed to be hit a lot.”

“If anyone wants to live in India, then he will have to say ‘Vande Mataram’. There are people who tell that the court will decide if Ram Mandir can be built or not. But the court cannot decide the Ram Mandir issue. It belongs to Hindus. In Hyderabad, some people say that they will not allow Ram Mandir to be built. Owaisi tu kya, tera baap bhi Ram Mandir hone se nahi rokh saktha. Aur tera baap kya, pura Pakistan hil jhaye toh bhi Ram Mandir hone se koyi nahi rokh saktha. Ram Mandir will be built in Ayodhya, and another ‘mandir’ will also be built in Islamabad. And Hindus will go there and do pujas, archanas and vandhanas.”

“Our women, girls are targeted in love jihad. Go to your homes, give swords to your sisters and tell them that if any Muslim even looks at them, then they should slit their throats with the swords. There is also land jihad. In Kerala and Assam, many Muslims block the roads and pray on them. When asked why, they say that they have no Masjid and hence they pray on the road. The government gave them donations to build Masjids. But even then they continue this practise to grab more land. If Hindus do anything like this then it is highlighted and blown out of proportions. This is our country, our ‘ghar’ (home); Hindus can do whatever they want. If we want, then we can kick anyone out of our home. But we stay in our own home like guests. In other countries, Hindus don’t have proper rights like voting, etc but in our country, for vote banks, the Muslims are given so many rights and facilities. Muslims are given subsidies, but we have to even pay tax when we go for Amarnath.”

“We will not remain silent any longer. We will take an eye for an eye. History may tell you that India received independence with peace. But I tell you, you cannot have independence with peace. We need to pick up weapons.”

“The media highlights when there is a ghar wapsi as if it is a crime. We are not converting anyone, we are only bringing back a family member back into the house.” She concluded saying that Hindus should respect cow and stop land and love jihad from happening.

“In Jharkand’s villages, there used to be many Hindus. But they were converted by giving food. When our saints went to one such village, they asked where the people had gone, since there used to be sabhas before and many Hindus would participate. The head said, “They are all wearing a cross now; they were converted”. The saints asked him how it happened and he replied that 20-30 priests came to the village and told the people to believe in the God that has more power. They then brought a tub filled with water and placed a statue of Hanuman in it. The statue drowned and the priests said, “Look, this God himself drowned; how can he save you?” And then they brought a Wooden Cross and placed it in the water. The Cross floated since it was made of wood and the priests said ‘this is Jesus. Convert to our religion and wear the Cross’. After listening to this, the saints told the head to call all the villagers. The saints told them that in Hindu religion, there is no water test but ‘Agni Pariksha’. And so a huge bonfire was lit. The statue of Hanuman was placed in it. It glowed as bright as the sun, but as soon as they removed the Cross around their necks and placed it in the fire, all the Crosses burnt and were completely destroyed. And the saints then asked, “How can a person who got burnt himself, protect you?” They say that Jesus is the son of God. But God says in the Gita that each and every living thing is a child of God. So why do we need to lick somebody else’s shoes? We don’t convert, we do ‘ghar wapsi’. When the number of Hindus increases from 100 crore to 125 crore, then we can say that ‘ghar wapsi’ is successful. If we come down to convert, then you will see only Hindus even in Pakistan, Afghanistan and all countries where the Ganga flows.”

Jitendra Kottari compered the programme. Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat,   Gurudevananda  Swamiji of Odiyoor Math,  Jagadish Shenava,  Sharan Pumpwell and others were also present.

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  1. If the Temple can be built without causing any further bloodshed, that is fine. It must be done with mutual negotiation with the Muslims. It is terribly sad that through religious bitterness and hatred, India has witnessed greater tragedies
    in the past.

    If the BJP party had no solid intention to build the Ram Mandir, using the Ram Mandir promise at the election rallies to pocket more votes from the electorate was a very sub-standard political character.

  2. Dear AS mathew,
    How is your peaceful negotiation going on in the holy land of Jerusalem? Your idea of mutual negotiation with Muslim is working great, right? smiles…

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