Mangaluru will be Doorway to Karnataka under Congress – Ex MLA Lobo

Mangaluru will be Doorway to Karnataka under Congress – Ex MLA Lobo

Mangaluru: “The people of this district want a successful Government. They want a party that fulfills their promises. The Congress party has always thought about the welfare of the people and the welfare of the nation. It is not a party that has simply thought about the welfare of the people, but it has also worked for it. During the time of the UPA government, this nation was among the top 10 nations at the Global level. However, in the last five years, the nation’s position at the global level has dropped”, said former Congress MLA J R Lobo in a press meet held at the Congress-JDS Election Office, Bendorewell here, on April 12.

Addressing the mediapersons J R Lobo said, “We have released a Manifesto that will transform Mangaluru into the doorway to the state of Karnataka. In our Manifesto, we have promised to make an Express Highway from Mangaluru to Goa and Mangaluru to Bengaluru. Even though it has been several years since the formation of the New Mangalore Port, we have not been able to make full use of it. If the Express Highway to Bengaluru is made, the New Mangalore Port will be extremely useful. We also want to re-establish trade with Lakshwadeep Island. We want to make a route linking the New Mangalore Port and the Old Mangalore Port through the Nethravati River. Dakshina Kannada is known for education but many engineers are jobless. We will build an IT centre for engineers.”

He further said, “After looking at the BJP Manifesto, I don’t know what to say about it. They have promised to develop the Mangaluru International airport but they have handed over the airport to Adani. They had announced and publicized the Smart City program given to Mangaluru. I want to ask the people of Mangaluru, has there been any development in the name of Smart City? I met a BSNL employee who has not received his salary for 6 months. Yet, they talk about BSNL in their Manifesto.”

Congress leaders Suresh Ballal, Mahabala Marla, Stany Alvares, Mariamma Thomas, Vishwas Das and others were also present. यांनी वर पोस्ट केले गुरुवार, ११ एप्रिल, २०१९


  1. We had successive Congress state governments yet this was not done, why did they not do it then ?

  2. Liers. Where it is mentioned in Congress manifesto that Mangaluru will be made doorway to Karnataka? Congress is harping on expressway for more than 25 years! Except for Srinivas Mallya no other Congress politician has contributed to the development of Mangaluru. When BJP ruled states have implemented smart city projject Congress ruled states have shown very poor progress. It is well known fact that Congress ruling Karnataka denied the central government benefit of Rs. 6000 to farmers by not sending the list of beneficiaries.

    Look at a few of progress the country has made during last five years BJP rule at the centre:-

    Fiscal deficit
    2013-2014 4.5% of GDP
    2017-2018 3.5% of GDP

    Congress always borrow money from World Bank, Asea Bank etc and puts country under burden of debt irrespective of whether it rules at the centre, the state or at local muncipality level. Do you know how much money Mangaluru City Corporation has borrowed from international financial bodies? When BJP was in power in MCC it put all effort to bring down laon burden. Now again loan burden of MCC has gone up. Do Congress borrow money for development or corruption?

    If fiscal deficit goes down then in general inflation rate will also go down.

    Inflation rate in 2013 – 9.13%, in 2018 – 4.74%, in 2019 – 4.32%.

    Ease of doing business 2019 – 77th rank – business freindly country
    Congress 2012 – 131 2014 – 142

    There are lot more BJP achievements during 2014-2019 rule at the centre like toilet construction, LPG supply to homes, rural electrification etc.

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