Mangaluru: Workshop on Effective Implementation of Tobacco Control laws held in City

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Mangaluru: The DK Police in association with the district administration organized a workshop on effective implementation of Tobacco Control laws in Karnataka by Capacity building and monitoring at the Police community hall here on January 21.

The programme began with an invocation. District Health and Family Welfare officer Dr M Ramakrishna Rao welcomed the gathering. The workshop was inaugurated by the deputy commissioner A B Ibrahim by lighting the traditional lamp along with other dignitaries on the dais.
















Addressing the gathering DC Ibrahim said that in the district there are a number of problems which need to be addressed. Now implementing the act on tobacco control is a good move. We need to bring awareness among the public regarding the disadvantages of Tobacco and its products. He further said that 10 years ago the act was implemented but it was not followed properly. In India 20% of the people die due to consumption of Tobacco. There are people who question that if the Tobacco use is banned then why there is production and supply? If such questions arise, the officers should be prepared to give a proper reply. We need to involve the NGO’s and various Institutions to bring awareness among the public. We need to involve more and more youth to bring control over the use of tobacco.

Senior Technical Adviser south East Asia, New Delhi Dr J Singh said that tobacco use is one of the major reasons for death in our country. According to the survey more than 28% people use Tobacco and in Karnataka one crore people are using Tobacco. He also said that we can cure 85% of the Tuberculosis patients but it is very difficult to treat tobacco users. In the world every year more than 6 million people die due to tobacco consumption related diseases.  Although observation suggests that tobacco consumption is a major risk factor for deaths due to circulatory, pulmonary, and malignant diseases and it is one of the risk factor to cause death. In India alone 30% of males suffer from cancer out of which 80% of the oral cancer is related to tobacco consumption.

He also said that the government should not allow advertising agencies to promote tobacco products. Tobacco industry is very strong and they are ready to pay any amount to advertise their products, such advertisements should be banned, he said.

Contract administrator, New Delhi Bala Gopalan, District Nodal officer Prakash,  District Surgeon and Superintendent of Wenlock Hospital Dr Rajeshwari Devi and others were also present.

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