Mangaluru: You Cannot win by Talent and Hard Work Alone, Personality Development is Crucial – Nigam Vasani

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by RAJ, Pics by JP, Team Mangalorean

Mangaluru: The Department of Commerce, St Agnes College organised a one day intercollegiate workshop on personality development, ‘Persona’, at the college hall here on January 12.

The programme began with an invocation. The dignitaries were escorted to the dais. Lydwin D’Souza, Co-ordinator of the workshop welcomed the guests and the gathering. The workshop was inaugurated by Nigam Vasani, President of KCCI by lighting a traditional lamp along with other dignitaries on the dais. Melvita Noronha, Vice President Commerce, briefed about the objectives of the workshop.





Dr Sr Maria Roopa, Joint Sectary and local Manager, St Agnes College shared her thoughts and insights of the programme. She said, “Personality development is an all-round and all-encompassing theme to work on. Personality touches all aspects of one’s life, from social life to personal, work life and habits. You cannot develop certain traits over-night and development of anything requires persistence, determination, hard work and commitment. Personality development is something that is considered as improving the way we think, feel, behave and carry ourselves. In other words, it is not confined to the improvement of a single aspect. Rather, it is about improving a cluster of qualities which help in achieving and presenting ourselves in a better way.”

She illustrated the way to improve one’s personality by citing the example of a cycle wheel having 3 spokes: Attitude, Skill and Knowledge (ASK). She said that one cannot maximize his/her potential without all the three. “This workshop will give you knowledge of skills and also on how to have a positive attitude.”

The chief guest Nigam Vasani, President of KCCI, in his speech said, “Shy or outgoing, assertive or aggressive, bold or passive, dominating or submissive, whatever category you fall under, personality is defined by Google as the congregation of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. All of our experiences fuse into our personality; everything that ever happened to us is an ingredient. We are not locked into our personality. Most people don’t consciously develop their personality as they are not aware of it, because their personalities are not apparent to themselves. You cannot win by talent and hard work alone. Personality development is a crucial ingredient that we must obtain to help achieve our objectives. Especially for women working in India, it can be really hard to be confident at work. Additionally Indian women are often taught to stay quiet and not speak too much at school and college. That does not serve very well at the workplace. Personality development is an essential skill for women. Personality has nothing to do with being born with good looks. It’s about grooming, social grace, positive attitude, exuding self confidence and most importantly building up our own character. A good personality has the power to open many doors, but it is the character that keeps them open.” While concluding, he advised the students to be self confident, optimistic, enthusiastic, and to like themselves.

Dr Devi Prabha Alva, HOD & Dean, Dept of Commerce and Management of the college, said that if you remain silent you will get nothing. “Even God says to ask. A persona is defined as an artificial mask. If you think Google has all answers. You are wrong. You cannot download luck or time. So ‘login’ to your real life and ‘like’ your personal status’.” She further said that one day is not enough to develop a personality. “The workshop is an opportunity to interact with others. Make use of it.”

A memento was given to Nigam Vasani as a token of appreciation. Mrinal Monteiro, Commerce Secretary, compered the programme. Elvira, Assistant co-ordinator, delivered the vote of thanks.

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