Mangaluru: Youth Congress Demands Arrest of Blog Admin for Posting Derogatory Remarks on Mithun Rai

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Mangaluru: Members of the district Youth Congress submitted a memorandum in connection with the FIR registered against the district Youth Congress president Mithun Rai to the police commissioner at his office here, on August 14.

Addressing the party members, Praveenchadra Alva said that on August 12, defamatory comments were posted in a blog against president Mithun Rai which the Youth Congress strongly condemns. “Mithun Rai is an able leader and is also the voice of the voiceless in the society. He organizes various social activities with the help of the members and the party leaders. There are some organizations that cannot digest Mithun Rai’s success and so they are trying to defame him,” he said.


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He further said that on August 9 at Assaigoli, the Youth Congress had celebrated their Founder’s day and the Youth Congress flag was hoisted on the occasion. “On August 12, in the social media, the admin of a blog published derogatory remarks about Mithun Rai and tried to tarnish the image of our president. Such comments will spoil the peace in the society and ignite communal violence. We did not insult the national flag, instead we have hoisted our party flag. If we have committed a mistake by hoisting the Youth Congress flag on the flag post, we have apologized to the concerned authorities. But tarnishing the image of a dignified person on the social media is against the cyber law.” They demanded the arrest of the admin of the blog and that action be taken against him. “If no action will be taken against him, the Youth Congress will intensify their protest,” he said.

Speaking to, advocate Vinay Raj said that posting derogatory comments against a person in social media is a crime. “Today, we have submitted a memorandum to the commissioner to file a criminal case against the admin of the blog who published derogatory comments about the Congress party and its leaders. They have used un-parliamentary words, so we have filed a case against the admin of the blog to file an FIR under the Information Act. If the FIR will not be filed, we will hold a protest. The commissioner has responded well and assured of filing the FIR.”

“According to my knowledge, a case against Mithun Rai has been registered in the Konaje Police Station for the offence committed under Section 2. This section is not applicable because there was no national flag on that particular day on that post. If there is a national flag and if anyone hoists a flag above the national flag, it is a crime,” he stated

A memorandum was submitted to the police commissioner by the Youth Congress president of Mangalore South constituency Maryl Rego along with other Youth Congress leaders.

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8 years ago

Mithun? Who?

Original R.Pai
8 years ago

“posting derogatory comments against a person in social media is a crime” – report quoting some unknown.

RIP Free-speech in India !!