Married Man’s Elopement with Spinster – Umpire’s Decision Final?

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Subrahmanya: The love triangle case reported from Yenekal near here last week has taken a curious turn.

Mohit Jenukodi (37), a national-level volleyball umpire, is married and has a little son and a daughter. He happened to fall in love with Sandhya (27), living with a family nearby.


Mohit had gone missing after attending a volleyball match a few days ago. Sandhya too went missing the same day. A case of elopement appeared certain.

After receiving complaints from both sides, the police went on a hot trail of the duo. Their mobile signals indicated that they had travelled to Mangaluru, Shivamogga, Sirsik Kadur and other places. They had taken shelter with the help of physical education instructors known to Mohit.

When they realized that they would be tracked down, in any case, some day or other, both of them decided to return and arrived in a car at the Subrahmanya police station on Saturday.

They gave a statement that they would get married and were not prepared to stay away from each other. The families of both were summoned to the station.
Mohit’s wife too is firm on having him as her husband.

Usually, an umpire takes independent decisions in others’ games. Here it is to be seen if the decision of this ‘umpire’ will be final and binding.

Whether the law would allow bigamy or if the wife would be ready to allow the husband to have a parallel woman in life is also something to be seen.

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