Mattar R Hegde denies commenting over representing accused in Bhaskar Shetty murder case

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Mattar R Hegde denies commenting over representing accused in Bhaskar Shetty murder case

Udupi: Mattar Ratnakar Hegde Udupi district Bharatiya Janatha Party president and also who is said to be the advocate of accused Rajeshwari and Navaneeth in the murder case of Bhaskar Shetty has declined to comment on the question of him arguing for the accused Rajeshwari and Navaneeth.


When media persons questioned Rathanakar Hegde at the BJP district office during a press meet, he said that the bail application is yet to be moved in favour of the accused. Only then the advocate who appears for the accused would be known. He also said that the Bhaskar Shetty’s family was his client since 20-25 years.

When media persons again asked about the social media campaign against him, he replied and said that we will reply to them in Social media itself.

On Tuesday, Bunts leaders had strongly demanded that no one should represent the accused in the Bhaskar Shetty murder case. They also alleged that a Bunt Advocate Mattar Ratnakar Hegde was representing the accused Rajeshwari and Navaneeth Shetty.

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  1. “On Tuesday, Bunt leaders had strongly demanded that no one should represent the accused in Bhaskat Shetty murder case…” – report.

    Demanded?? I really hope that those who killed Bhaskar Shetty rot in hell. I have no sympathy for them. But, we can’t deny them a fair trial. How can these ‘leaders’ put forward such a regressive demand? They should probably move to North Korea!!

  2. Every person who has been convicted has a right to be defended by a lawyer of his choice if he can afford it or one appointed by the Court (in the event he cannot bear the legal fees).

    No group should threaten any lawyer wanting to represent the accused. Th is is is goondaism and dadagiri at its best.

    I completely agree with the views expressed by Original R. Pai and I do not want someone to accuse us of being members of the “SELF-ADMIRING CLUB,” which not true, because we have differing views, but prefer to adopt a “live-and-let-live,” because we do not wish to do kusti in a akhada. In fact, I do not have his email or contact details.

  3. This is a fictional joke and I am narrating it just for fun and nothing else. I recall that this was narrated to me by a maternal uncle many years ago and he served over 40 years in one of Bombay’s leading film theatres which, at one time, was owned by Warner Brothers and, then, their theatre’s restaurant and pastry outlet was so famous that some guests living in the Taj Mahal Hotel (the only five star hotel in Bombay then), used to have meals and snacks there. He was older by two years to Dilip Kumar and had his looks. He was a Manager there and many Bollywood stars and other celebrities and well-oiled-and-heeled people would come to his office. Once I saw there, when Shashi Kapoor entered. However, he met all this people like any normal soul and there was no sudden getting up from his chair and saying, “I am very privileged and happy to meet you. Would you like to have something garam, naram or thanda?” He told me many interesting things, whenever he visited my place and some of them are imprinted on my hard disk. This what he told me:

    “About 50 years ago, a Shetty restauratuer had told a match-maker to look for suitable matches for his daughter of marriageable age for short-list-listing and final selection, as she was a ravishing beauty and promised the match-maker that if he successfully performed the assignment, he would be given generous compensation, including good food, kori-rotti and booze (well those days it was moonshine stuff, because there was prohibition in India).

    One has to remember that those days if a man was considered to be highly educated, it meant he was B.A. or B.Com. or B.E. or B.Sc. and if he was a lawyer, then he had done his LL.B. To study Chartered and Accountancy and Company Secretaryship, they would go to England (and it could not be done in India).

    After sometime, the match-maker came to the restaurateur and told him, “I have good news that will leave you immensely pleased. The restauratuer told the match-maker, “Please tell me. Tell me fast …..” The match-maker said, “I have found a very good match for your daughter. The young man has a good job in a bank and has two degrees.” The man gave a sarcastic laugh and said that, “So what, if he has two degrees. I have 14 degrees.”

    In short, most Shettys’ wealth those days comprised mostly restaurants (and these restaurants were his degrees), besides agricultural lands, gold and houses. Those days, the more the restaurants a Shetty owned, his social and financial status was on a higher plane.

  4. “I have 14 degrees.” – Mr. Nelson narrating a joke

    Lol! In the same vein, our Go Rakshak from Yumreeka, has a whole ‘herd’ of degrees. 🙂

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