Mayor disconnects Illegal MCC Water Supply to Vailankanni’s Abode, Maryhill

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Mayor disconnects Illegal MCC Water Supply to Vailankanni’s Abode, Maryhill

Mangaluru: The Mayor of Mangaluru City Corporation, Kavitha inspected “Vailankanni’s Abode”, Maryhill, an apartment building, following complaints from the locals in the area and disconnected the illegal water supply connection, on October 9.

Speaking to the mediapersons Mayor Kavitha Sanil said, “One week ago I received a written complaint from the residents of Pinto Garden Mary Hill, saying that ‘Vailankanni’s Abode’ which is located at Pinto Garden Mary Hill does not have a sewage treatment plant. During the night the sewage is drained into the next compound causing bad smell and a breeding ground for mosquitoes in the locality. Based on their complaint I have visited the spot.”

Mayor further said, “The MCC had given the license to construct the building 5 years ago. During the construction, the builder had applied for temporary water connection but later has failed to obtain the completion certificate due to violations during construction. There are 24 apartments in Vailankanni’s Abode and from the past 4 years, more than 13 families reside in this building. They do not pay tax, nor do they pay the water bill. Because of such builders, the MCC is facing loses. We have now disconnected the water supply.”

Mayor Kavitha also said, “There is also negligence from the MCC officers since they give permission for constructing any building and do not follow-up on the construction work. For five years our officers have not taken any measures. I will take action against the MCC officials for failing in their duties. The builder will be fined for not paying the water bills and not obtaining the completion certificate. From the past 5 years, the builder has not paid the water bill. He will now have to pay the penalty for not paying the water bill and also the tax. The builder has sold the flats and those who have purchased them have done so without verifying the documents. I request such builders not to dupe their clients, they should obtain the completion certificate and hand over the flats to the owners legally. We will continue inspecting such buildings and take action according to the law”.

Retired Ex-Serviceman Janardhan Karkera speaking to said, “From the Vailankanni’s Abode, every night the sewage is being drained to the next compound which has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The smell is so bad, we have to get out of our houses. The environment in the area was very clean before this building came up, now we all face severe problems.”

One of the residents of Vailankanni’s Abode said to the Mayor, “We have requested the builder several times to provide us with the completion certificate so that we can apply for water. There are 13 families residing in our building at present. Earlier there were only 9 families but the builder has again shifted 4 families from somewhere to this building. Because of the builder, we are facing severe problems. During the time of purchasing the flat, we were not aware of the violations. We had trusted the builder and purchased the flat. Even when the compound wall had collapsed, we the flat owners contributed and reconstructed the compound wall.”

The residents of the locality thanked Mayor for visiting the area and listening to their grievances.

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  1. Corrupt Illegal Builder is using the name of Holy Place Veilankani. Many such corrupt people are using the name of God and cheating the public. Look at the Buses bear the name of God and do break the Laws.

  2. Good reporting. Thanks for the video as well. Unbelievable amount of corruption!! May imaginary god bless our Mayor. She is doing a great job.

  3. Request to the builder: please remove the holy name of your company. and then do whatever you want.
    because in this country you can do as you want if you have money power.

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