Mayor Kavitha in New ‘Nagara Darshana’ Acts against Illegal Parking

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Mayor Kavitha in New ‘Nagara Darshana’ Acts against Illegal Parking

Mangaluru: The Mayor of Mangalore City Corporation along with her team and the Traffic police held “Nagara Darshana”, to study the parking and traffic problems faced by the general public on July 26. The ‘Nagara Darshana’ began from PVS circle and continue up to State Bank.

When Kavitha Sanil along with her team walking with the Traffic police officials, at PVS, auto rickshaw drivers met the Mayor and said that some autos wait near the Bus stop and some others wait near PVS circle auto stand for passengers. If the autos wait in two places nearby, it creates problems, hence they requested the Mayor to consider only the auto stand near PVS as legal and not allow another auto stand nearby. Mayor ordered the MCC officials to act accordingly and stop autos from waiting near the Bus stand causing inconvenience to pedestrians.

Speaking to Kavitha Sanil said, “After becoming the Mayor, I am holding traffic meetings every month. During the traffic meeting, we have found that there is a severe traffic problem in the city. Today we are inspecting places from PVS to State bank along with the traffic police. We have brought two lorries to lift unwanted items dumped on the side of the road, illegal no parking boards placed in parking areas etc. Some shop owners who have encroached the footpath will be vacated. Through Nagara Darshana, MCC officials will get to see the problems faced by the general public very closely and will be able to solve them in a better way.

Mayor Kavitha further said, “Being a Mayor I will walk along with the MCC officials and Police officers to understand the problems the people face. We will evacuate all the petty shops in the city. For the street vendors, we have spent lakhs of Rupees and provided them with a place to do their business. But they are not ready to do business in that place. Even after giving them a place, the street vendors are not co-operating with us. The general public is facing a lot of problems because of the street vendors. Since the street vendors have encroached the footpath in many places, students, women and the elderly people are forced to walk on the road which leads to accidents. If people will co-operate with us we can make Mangaluru a beautiful City. In my tenure, I will continue the Nagara Darshana and curb all the illegal parking, encroachment etc within MCC limits without giving in to any pressure. If 10 people gain from the good work I do I will do it without bothering for the few who don’t like it,” said the daring Mayor.

Mayor Kavitha also ordered the Petty shop owners to dismantle illegal fittings and carts within a day, she also warned them of action if they operate illegally.

DCP Crime and Traffic Hanumantharaya, ACP Traffic Tilakchandra, Traffic Inspector Suresh Kumar, MCC officials and other police officers were also present.

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  1. Good work by Mayor Kavitha, in showing responsibility
    towards her authority. Only if you walk can one know
    what the pedestrians face. Mr. Pramod Madhwaraj too
    should walk in Udupi and know what the pedestrians

    There must be Pavements and drainage on every road
    and Pavements must always remain for people to walk,
    free of hawkers, beggars,and encroachment by shop owners.

    Rickshaw Parking Areas must be designated by the Traffic
    Dept. and Municipality, and certainly not by Rickshaw drivers
    at their will. Provision must be made to ensure better movement
    of traffic.

    Parking Lots and Parking Buildings must be built on Pay and
    Park basis all over Mangalore and Udupi. Right now, there
    are none – Thereafter, Parking on road side must be prohibited.

  2. near Ideal cream parlour the watchman of a nearby complex dus not allow vehicles to park that go to ideals.they have to park at sharavu. kindly look into the matter

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