MCC Negligence Claims Life of a Bike Rider near Kadri Junction?

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MCC Negligence Claims Life of a Bike Rider near Kadri Junction?

Mangaluru: In a tragic accident a 48-year-old man riding his motorbike lost his life due to the carelessness and negligence of Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC), on Tuesday morning, 10 October 2017. The deceased person is Shenappa KN (name changed)- he was riding his Pulsar Bike near the Kadri Junction- and while doing so he skidded due to the dilapidated/loose interlocks near the Circle. Shenappa who was knocked off his bike was run over by a private bus which was making a turn near the Junction. Shenappa died on the spot- his last rites were performed by Social activist Gerald Towers, who was joined by members of MCC Civic Group, auto-rickshaw drivers, and other citizens. What an unfortunate death that this man had to face due to the negligence of MCC??

Oh well-Even though this story is NOT TRUE- but in REALITY such accident could take place any time when you look at the pathetic condition of the road near the Kadri Junction. It is learnt that during the past few days many two-wheelers have lost balance due to this bad spot, and have been injured. In spite of many two-wheelers facing the brunt of pothole-ridden roads in the City, this pathetic road with loose/scattered interlock bricks have been creating a safety hazard for the motorists, especially two-wheeler riders. In spite of complaints made to the MCC by the MCC Civic Group and local residents, MCC has still not taken any action in rectifying this issue.

In order to highlight this civic problem, activist Gerald Towers along with a bunch of his supporters staged a protest in a unique way, by laying a dead person at the spot, and performing his last rites. Many passing by commuters thought it was a real dead body, and gathered in large numbers at the spot- but got fooled by Tower’s crazy act. It should be noted that on 23 June 2017, MCC had dug this place to rectify a drainage reverse flowing problem (Read: Carelessness of People Leads to Blockage in Drainage Pipe at Kadri)- but after the work was done, the area was left unfinished- and now it is a mess where the motorists have to bear the brunt.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean Gerald Towers said, ” Every time MCC undertakes a drainage or any digging of road work, once their work is completed the area is left unfinished, which later creates inconveniences to the public and motorists. During the past few weeks, many two-wheeler riders have lost balance near this junction due to the pathetic condition of the road. Even though we had complained about this issue, no action has been taken by MCC. What are they waiting for? Someone to die at this spot! So in order to bring this issue to their concern, we staged this protest in a unique way so that MCC should know that death is possible at this site if this road is not fixed immediately.

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  1. It is becoming very common incident nowadys in Bengalur and Mangalur , that bikers and pillion drivers are losing their life because of bad roads. When will our government awake from the slumber? When will these civic bodies become answerable ? For each death like this the corporator must be held responsible since it their duty to see that all is well in their ward.

  2. Very true it is so dangerous.. very scary to go by 2 wheelers it skids.. but come any political leader it will be done in half a day though after it wouldn’t last even for half a day too .. but to give good impression it will be repaired.. y can’t they too go in same condition so that they too would know the reality ?

  3. Alfi my man, you rock with your reports,well said in this report without any any bias as per I only wish that MCC acst quick and fix this civic problem immediately. Thank You

  4. Dear Brother Alfie, Telling the MCC regarding any road problem to get it solved is like Dog chasing the tail to catch it. Corporators along with some Stupid Engineers are running the show. These People along with Rogue Contractors are robbing the Public. And then there are also others… Every day they travel in their Luxury Cars with iPad on the lap without the feeling of rough roads, because their eyes are on iPad Screen watching?
    MCC Officials do not care as long as Contractor fills their Pocket.
    Here is an example: I have contacted MCC 24 times regarding a damaged Chamber near Arya Samaj -Kadri road junction (near Biryani Paradise). I met Mayor 2 times and on Phone 3 times. When I met last time She spoke to an Engineer and gave the Phone to me to explain to him the problem. He promised to take care of it the very next day and now 2 and half months have passed. One a fine morning, I got a call from another Engineer telling me that He will visit the spot and take care of the problem. ALREADY MORE THAN ONE MONTH HAS PASSED AND STILL HE DID NOT FIND THE SPOT TO REPAIR.
    The best solution is to file a Court Case of Negligence through Civic Organization.

  5. Gerard Towers once again with his unique protest to rectify certain issues in Mangalore. Hope the Mayor and MCC officials will take quick action in solving this civic problem. Thanks for a great report.

  6. Our dear Alfie highlights this and many other related subjects of roads, drainage, banners, vendors, illegal shops, and the list can go = and the people in authority do nothing about it or at times really
    attend to it!

    BUT the problem never seems to improve or attended to once and for all. Yes, in India, the people in authority in any governance are not subject educated or experienced – one cannot expect a barber to be a good tailor if he or she is given the post. It’s a matter of a party and their chosen few who are given the jobs as authority – although their professional governance might suck. No one can change this in India – All are subject to sub-standard policies and practices and politicians. The Defence Minister is made to quit and return to Goa and once again become the Chief Minister, and the Finance Minister becomes the interim Defence Minister, and so on – so what can one expect.

    The key to success is to separate rightful provisions and amenities from the Politicians. The MPW and the Municipality as well as a person Incharge of an area or a District must be appointed only on credentials and several years of relevant experience – and should not ask permission or funds allocation from the PM or CM as these guys never walk or see things – they just take credit in photo shoots by the same media that highlights such problems.

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