Megan Fox turns palmist on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

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Los Angeles, Feb 18 (IANS) Actress Megan Fox on Thursday displayed her art of palmistry on talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, where she surprised host Jimmy Kimmel by predicting not only his fortune but also that of talk show personality Guillermo Rodriguez.

Fox, who was earlier photographed walking out of a place with a book about palm reading, said that she had become good at astrology and so she decided to learn about palmistry just for fun.

So, Kimmel asked if she would read his palm, and she agreed to it.

While on the show, Fox also spoke about her children and growing up in a strict Southern Christian household.

“The women in the church are only allowed to wear pants, you can’t wear dresses, you can’t wear make-up or jewellery, so it’s a really sort of oppressive environment to grow up in. But I sort of lean left of that now,” Fox said.

She said that she considers herself as someone who believes in the spiritual side of life and regards the use of astrology as incredibly important.

The episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” featuring Fox will be aired in India on Friday on Star World.

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