MFSI 12th Annual Cricket Tournament 

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MFSI 12th Annual Cricket Tournament 

It’s that time of the year again. MFSI is proud to announce the 12th annual cricket tournament. This year, all proceeds from this event will be donated to the Mangalorean Association of Canada’s Fight Hunger project. So, come out, participate, and PLAY YOUR PART TO FIGHT HUNGER!

Registration deadline is August 1, 2019 so make sure you form those teams quickly. Only the first 8 teams to register will be guaranteed to participate.

Please refer to the registration package for team registration guidelines and feel free to post  any questions regarding the tournament.

The registration package can be accessed through this link:…/1rBn8ppIKRzg32sx3yyTnDVwFRLU…/edit
Click on File -> Download As -> Word doc. to download a copy to edit and email back to us at

Please email at for more information on single player registration. Also note that registration is not complete until your request is accepted and the payment is received

❖ A minimum of 11 players must be registered per team with the following criteria:
➢ $5.00 registration fee for each player
➢ Team must be led by a “ManGo” captain (of Manglaorean and/or Goan descent)
➢ Team must include two female players
➢ In order to prioritize building the Mangalorean and Goan community, a maximum of 5 non-Mango descent players are allowed to play per team (subject to I.D. verification)
➢ No player is allowed to play for two teams

❖ A disclaimer (attached with the package) must be signed by each player (see last page)

❖ For a team to be completely registered, a fee of $5.00 per team member must be submitted. Kindly e-transfer the total team fee to by August 1st 2019

❖ Packages may be submitted via email at or mail to
➢ 500 Wildgrass road, Mississauga, Ontario, L5B4H7.

❖ The registration package must be submitted by August 1st 2019

❖ Only the first 8 teams to register will be guaranteed participation. There will be NO spot registration on the day of the tournament.

❖ Registered teams must have the captain attend the MANDATORY Captains Meeting

Captains Meeting

Once a team is registered a confirmation email will be sent with time and location of the Captains Meeting. This years meeting will take place on August 24 2019.

❖ It is the team’s responsibility to ensure that the team captain and/or one representative from the team is able to attend this meeting.

❖ All 11 signed disclaimer forms must be brought to this meeting

❖ All first round fixtures will be drawn during the captains meeting.


General Rules: 
❖ Only the First 8 Teams to register will be guaranteed participation

❖ Bring your own tents, chairs, food and refreshments

❖ No pegs for tents or signs will be allowed to be driven into the ground.

❖ All players must sign a DISCLAIMER before taking the field.

❖ Participants below 18 years require parental approval and supervision.

❖ No alcohol is permitted at the ground.

❖ Please carry valid identification. Sponsors/Organizers reserve the right to refuse participation without recourse.

❖ In case of any dispute, the organizing committees decision is final and binding.

❖ Teams will field a minimum and maximum of 11 players.

❖ $5 participation free for each player

❖ Team is considered registered with a team list of minimum 11 players and minimum $55.00 payment

❖ The team is to be captained/led by a ManGo (of Mangalorean and/or Goan descent).

❖ Teams are to field eleven players. 2 female players are compulsory at all times.

❖ In order to focus on building the Mangalorean/Goan community a maximum of 5 players are allowed to be of non-Mango decent (subject to ID verification).

❖ No player is allowed to play for two teams.

Game Play Rules:

❖ One-day cricket rules will be followed.

❖ Umpires decision will be final.

❖ In case of an umpires dispute, committee decision will be final and binding.

❖ The matches are to be conducted with taped tennis ball.

❖ Ball and stumps will be provided. Please bring your own bats.

❖ Substitute player allowed to field but not bat or bowl.

❖ In case of a tie, a super over will be played.

❖ Wide balls will be penalized 2 runs with no extra ball, for the first 3 wide, there after 4 runs for each wide ball.

❖ No ball will be penalized 4 runs with no extra ball.

❖ The teams have to be present when the game starts. Maximum 5 mins leeway after which one over will be docked for every 5 mins for the team that is late.

❖ The first game will start at 8am sharp.

❖ 7 over per innings (Subject to change)

❖ A bowler can bowl a maximum of 1 over. Should games be extended to 7+ overs, each bowler may bowl a maximum of 2 overs.

❖ One over must be bowled by a female player (Underarm is allowed).

❖ A batsman retires on an individual score of 30 runs maximum. He may return only once all other wickets have been taken.

❖ The Lady Player must bat at #4 (2 down) or earlier.

❖ A Player must face a minimum of 6 Balls before they team can retire themselves

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