Mila Kunis’s stalker escapes

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Los Angeles, June 2 (IANS) Actress Mila Kunis has been alerted by police after her stalker escaped from a mental health facility.

The “Jupiter Ascending” actress, who has seven-month-old daughter Wyatt with Ashton Kutcher, has been alerted by police after 27-year-old Stuart Lynn Dunn made an “unauthorised departure” from a psychiatric clinic in Pomona, California on May 30 night. A hunt for the man is “in progress and ongoing”, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Lt. Martin Rodriguez has confirmed, reports

Dunn was ordered to undergo treatment in the clinic after pleading no contest to felony stalking in January 2013.

The man was arrested in February 2012 when he was found living in an empty house owned by the actress and was subsequently made the subject of a restraining order.

However, he was arrested again in May of that year for breaching the order after he showed up at the “Black Swan” star’s gym three days in a row.

Apart from being ordered to seek rehabilitation treatment, Dunn was also told to stay away from 31-year-old Mila, her agents, managers and assistants for 10 years under the terms of his plea deal, and also placed on probation for five years.

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