MITK holds First Annual Convocation, awards Degrees to Students

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Kundapur: The First Annual Convocation of Moodlakatte Institute of Technology was held at the College premises here, on April 2.

The programme began with an invocation and Akshatha Nayak welcomed the gathering. Chairman of the Institute Siddarth J Shetty declared the convocation open. Dean (Research) MITE Moodbidri, Dr Ganesh Aithal inaugurated the programme and conferred degrees upon the young and beaming graduates of Moodlakatte Institute of Technology Kundapur.

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Dr Ganesh in his Graduation day address said that when we go for knowledge we get marks, humbleness was the primary aim of knowledge and from humbleness one got wealth. Knowledge should be precipitated into work. The attitude of the student was more important than his degree. Skills and knowledge could be acquired but attitude is something that was difficult to change as age catches on.

“You can never achieve success until you like what you are doing. While you go about building your future, remember that you need to accomplish something before you demand respect. In order to accomplish something, you will need to focus in depth before breadth, take personal risks on what you believe in and live with integrity,” he said.

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Dr Ganesh further said, “The best period of your life has been sacrificed towards acquiring knowledge. Your parents did their sacrifices with the expectation that you will become an asset to your family and the country. Now it is your turn to fulfill their aspirations.”

In his introductory message College Principal, Prof Satish S Amsadi said that students were the stewards of the nation and custodians of very rich tradition of antiquity with modernization. “As we march towards becoming a developed nation, students role as that of 540 million youth of the country, becomes increasingly important,” he added. One of the hurdles which often worked as speed breaker was our mental block which thinks and considers higher target and goals as impossible.

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He further said, “Today graduates have achieved a major milestone in their career and they have an opportunity to choose either a post graduation course or to appear for various competitive exams or may opt for a job in the industry.” India is among the few countries whose economy growth rate was about 7% or so, most of the other countries are in recession and growth is less than 3%. This meant that a lot of opportunities were opening up in business and industry.

The Indian economy is getting integrated with the global economy through the process of globalization. Many of the Indian entrepreneurs have not remained bound to the national frontiers but have ventured out and graduated to be global leaders of multinational ventures. This means that many of the opportunists including the working atmosphere as well as the pay packages, which once were available only abroad, are now available within the country. However, this also throws the challenges – very high degree of global competitiveness and best efforts to maintain and remain competitive in the market all the time.

During last 69 years our country has made conspicuous and significant progress in the growth of Agriculture, industry, Infrastructure, Information Technology, Rural Development and knowledge wealth.

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Today Indian Industry is not only growing in size but also in its level of operation. Globalization has helped Indian industry to become competitive in the market beyond Indian Territory and win major contracts abroad. The experience of industry has helped even the domestic products and projects.

12 meritorious students were awarded the gold and silver medals. They are: Nanda Kishore and Bhuvaneshwari (Civil Engineering), Chandihini Shetty and Supriya Sadananda Aithal (Computer Science Engineering), Archana M S and Savitha Hadimani (Electronics and Communication Engineering), Joythi J Nai and Vinayak Maiyya ( Electrical and Electronics Engineering) Vignesh and Niranjan ( Mechanical Engineering), Kanchikan Hemanath Manja and Rachana B ( MBA).

Prarthana Gowda, alumni of the college and researcher ISE Bangalore, HOD’s of all the departments were present.

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