Vinayak Baliga’s Work Gains Momentum at National Level – Nikhil Shenoy

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Vinayak Baliga’s Work Gains Momentum at National Level – Nikhil Shenoy

Mangaluru: Member of Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan (MKSS), Nikhil Shenoy visited the family of deceased RTI activist Vinayak Baliga at his residence here, on April 2.


In an interaction with the media persons present, Nikhil said, “We have taken up the case of following up with what Vinayak Baliga was after. The primary motive of the murderers was to stop any scam from being unearthed because it seems that Baliga had a lead in something suspicious. But our efforts at National Campaign for Peoples’ Right to Information (NCPRI) would be to act as a deterrent to the thought that a murder would stop anything.”

“Now Baliga’s work has gained momentum at the national level and is not just confined to Mangaluru,” he said. Nikhil said that he had met DCP Shantharaj to discuss the proceedings of the case. “The DCP has promised that within a week all the necessary investigation will be completed and the accused will be behind bars,” he added.

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Nikhil said that the next step would be to make the information from Baliga’s RTI’s available to the public. “The government needs to set up a high-level panel to look at which department or official Baliga was seeking information from. We want the Karnataka Information Commission to have a tab on their website to display information sought through RTI. It is necessary for every department to make information which is asked repeatedly available to the public, but this is not being done,” he said.

He urged the Karnataka Government to bring forward a Whistle Blowers Protection Act with strong rules. He asked other RTI activists to maintain photocopies of their RTI’s with people who were willing to keep them.

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“If the police fail to crack the case then we have to take it to the State Government as it will be clear that someone is trying to hoodwink the police,” he added.

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