MLA JR Lobo Offers Prayer in Temple, Church and Mosque for Rain

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Mangaluru: With all options exhausted and the mercury levels rising in the city, MLA JR Lobo choose to look up to the heavenly provider for the blessing of monsoon by offering prayers at the Mangaladevi temple, Bishop’s House and Jamia Masjid at Kudroli here, on May 5.

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With the water levels alarmingly low, the city administration is trying out every possible means to come up with a solution. Industries are barred from lifting water, new bore wells are being drilled, drinking water is being supplied by water tankers, water is being lifted from private wells. Though it has rained in certain parts of the state, the city is yet to witness its first rainfall of the year.

Speaking on this occasion, Lobo said, “There is acute shortage of water in the region. People are suffering and the cattle dying. We are eagerly waiting for the monsoon to arrive which will bring much-awaited relief. Almighty will surely accept our prayers today and soon bless us with abundant rain.”

Lobo first offered prayer at 8:30am in the Mangaladevi Temple for the rain, later there was a prayer service held at the Bishop’s house Chapel. After the prayer service at Bishop’s house, there was another prayer service held at the Jamia Masjid at Kudroli.

People from all religions forgetting caste, creed and colour prayed to God in a temple, mosque, and church, to bless them with abundant rain.

Bishop Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza,  Rosario Parish Priest Fr J B Crasta, Msgr Denis Moras Prabhu, K S Mohammed Masood and other congress leaders were also present.

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8 years ago

If prayers can solve our problems then there is no need for any of us to get out of the bed in the morning. There is no need for hospitals, doctors as taking the terminally ill patient to the nearest temple or church or mosque should take care of that. I have seen many parents visiting churches/temples on the day of the exam results of their children to beg for better results. How exactly is that supposed to change the outcome? Praying signifies unpreparedness, laziness, complacency, arrogance and cluelessness. Challenging and confronting these religious dogmas in fact brought about the… Read more »

8 years ago
Reply to  Horny Manatee

To Horny Manatee,

Dear Sir,

In your post you did mention the following,
a) It is useless to pray
b) There can be spiritualism outside the faith

I would like to express my view on both these points provided that you are born in a Christian family .I do apologise for the delay. I took me long time to put my thoughts in writing. Kindly let me know.

John Crasta

original r.pai
8 years ago

How about actually trying to address the issue rather than these silly prayers to imaginary gods? I don’t think we elect people to offer prayers!

8 years ago

J R Lobo has seen the movie Guide perhaps and is influenced by that.

8 years ago

I don’t think we elect people to offer prayers – Murudu Rampe

Well, I guess we elect them to say what’s on their minds in ‘Monkey Baath’ and to deliver some speeches in ‘Maddyson’ chowka. 🙂

Nelson Lewis
8 years ago


It could be that J.R. Lobo has seen the movie “Guide” and influenced by it and probably he may be doing to score some brownie points and fool people.

However, his actions are anyday better than sanyasis and sayasins with an IQ much below 40 making controversial remarks and none of the BJP big wigs have the guts to rein them. Then, there is Baba Ramdev, a sanyasi and yogi, who is a billionaire and who is fooling people by selling his concoctions. Time will prove whether he is a Baba or something else.

8 years ago

Religious leaders failed to get the rain. Now political leaders step in and going for the same publicity stunt. This time it is combined power of religion and politics. Next may be water baghyaas….
Instead of water management and recharging of water resources in advance they are all out to misleading people by praying for rain!
This happens every year during this time when rain is around!