MLA Lobo Should Explain reason Behind stay for Renaming Road – Monappa Bhandary

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MLA Lobo Should Explain reason Behind stay for Renaming Road – Monappa Bhandary

Mangaluru: “We condemn the stay order to rename the road from Ambedkar Circle – Catholic Club – Light House Hill Road to Mulky Sundaram Shetty. On September 30, 2015 during the MCC council meeting, the renaming of the road was decided. Late Mulky Sundaram Shetty was the chairman of Vijaya Bank and he has given jobs to thousands of people. On May 5, 2017, a order was passed to rename the road after Mulky Sundaram Shetty. But MLA J R Lobo and Chief whip Ivan D’Souza are the key persons in bringing the stay order”, alleged former MLC of BJP Monappa Bhandary in a press meet held at the BJP office here on July 3.

Addressing the mediapersons Monappa Bhandary said, “Where were the authorities of St Aloysius College when the order was passed in May 2017. All of a sudden St Aloysius authorities along with the students and other organisations staged a protest. How can an institution use students to protest against such issues? How can they send students to take part in the protest March? We have great respect towards the institution but at the same time, we have respect towards Mulky Sundaram Shetty. When the government passed the order to rename the road after Mulky Sundaram Shetty how did MLA J R Lobo and Chief Whip Ivan D’Souza obtain a stay order within a day?”.

Monappa Bhandary further said, “Before passing any order the government normally follows certain procedures. When there was no objection the government had passed the order. If the road was named after St Aloysius then why St Aloysius itself was using the address Light House Hill Road, why were they not using St Aloysius Road? Why did the Institution authorities not meet the concerned authorities well in advance to stop the renaming of the road. Why did they wait till the order for renaming the road was passed?”.

Monappa Bhandary also said, “Mulky Sundaram Shetty has taken the Vijay Bank to greater heights without any discrimination of caste, creed or religion and has provided jobs to thousands of people. When the government is recognising his service and renaming the road in his name why the discrimination by the MLA. MLA Lobo and Ivan D’Souza should explain why they had brought the stay order in the renaming of the road.”

Kishore Rai, Namitha, Vedavyas Kamath and others were also present.

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  1. who is sundaram shetty? Vijaya Bank will be history soon, with demonitisation all the shit had come out so before people forget Vijaya Bank they want to name the road in his name, St.aloysius college V/S Sundaram shetty road what a comparison! who is this guy hardly anyone knows let talk realistic here, may be known for some but what about SAC known world over, this Sunderam may never have thought he will be so popular but for some….

    • Mr. Richard,
      Please give some respect to the elders. Let it be LHH Road as it was. I hope you are learned man. Please while commenting please twice.

    • Richard please give respect to the person be a gentle man.You may not know who he is and our community including your old generation know him. Even your community people worked in Vijaya Bank.

  2. Where is the comparison of Mr. Sundaram Shetty to an institution like St. Aloysius College which has 137 years history and has shaped the future of hundreds of thousands of students in Mangalore. Is this a comparison? Are you saying that Mr. Shetty provided more jobs than the students who have passed out of St. Aloysius? Did the MCC consult with the management of St. Aloysius College before deciding to change the name? St. Aloysius College is an educational institution and students are at the core of this institution. So if students do not protest, whom do you expect to come forward to defend this great institution that has shaped the future for them. What was the reason this particular road was used for renaming when Vijaya Bank did not even start anywhere on this road? Why did such a prestigious bank move its Head Quarters to Bangalore if it had so much love for Mangalore and Mr. Shetty? If Mr. Sundaram Shetty would have been alive today, you think he would have consent to renaming a road that stood after a great institution like St. Aloysius into his personal name. Stop politics and analyze the true impact of such decisions.

  3. Probably you were born 10 to 15 years ago and therefore too young and too immature to have the knowledge of Sundarram Shetty and his service to the people of South kanara. He was the son of soil, not a migrant nor convert and deserves respect. Time goes on and things change for the better, but that does not diminish the accomplishments of the past. Mr. Shetty was not your pope, but for locals he was God and savior of many poor and drown trodden families.

  4. Aloysius College which has 137 years history…. has it parted education freely? no! Mr. Sundaram Shetty prvided livelyhood to many people. Providing education for a fee is onething. But providing livelyhood to poor is great . Any fool can understand it. Secondly never in the history of this institution letter head the road was mentioned with its name- it was either light house hill road or bavuta gudde road.. what right do this institution have to object the renaming of the road in the name MR. Sundararam Shetty ? There is a clear religious bias appafrent here!

    • Mr Sundaram Shetty provided livelyhood freely? One had to work perform well to sustain? Even SAC has provided livelyhood to thousands along with education. SAC has not denied education to poor just because one had no money. So one provided livelyhood and another provided, providing and will be providing livelyhood and education. Who is great? (all the respect due to Mr MSS. But had to compare as this person compares you with your Alma Mater )

  5. Vijaya Bank was founded in 23rd October 1931 by late Shri A.B.Shetty. Shri Sundaram Shetty takes credit for merging all tiny banks. And not being founder. I think Vijaya Bank hates mangalore and Mangaloreans if not why they had to move to headquarters to Bangalore? You don’t want to show you started here and you belong here? You want to make full mangalore yours by naming all the roads leading to Aloysius in your name?
    Please give some space to other 6 nationalised banks too which stated in DK to have their identity and show they belong to mangalore. Just by giving political colour you can hide all these facts and loopholes? The College wouldn’t have gone to JR Lobo or any other MLA /MLC if they had heard lakhs of cries of students, staff and Alumni of the college. Even you are proving it by catching some political head and asking him to give political statement so that he can also gain some publicity by adding weight to your incomparable name for the road.

  6. Why was Franklin Monteiro, an embarrassment to Mangalorean Catholics, not present at the press conference?

  7. Why does one Roy think that Franklin Monteiro is an embarrassment to Mangalorean Catholics? Is it because he supports BJP? Just wondering.

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