Mluru MLA & Good Samaritans in Gulf Sponsor Air Tickets for Stranded Youth in Kuwait to Return Home  

Mluru MLA & Good Samaritans in Gulf Sponsor Air Tickets for Stranded Youth in Kuwait to Return Home


Local MLA Vedavyas Kamath & Good Samaritans in Gulf Sponsor Air Tickets for Stranded Youth in Kuwait to Return Home

Mangaluru : Finding a way to fly back home is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the problems faced by the unemployed Indian workers stuck in Kuwait are concerned. Most of these stranded labourers are blue-collar workers, coming from poor families who cannot support them financially. The return to India is actually a generous move by these generous donors in sponsoring their air tickets. But central government can also intervene effectively to make sure they reach their home and not just to some Indian airport.

Now nearly 40 youth who had gone to Kuwait through a agency for better prospects, but once they reached there were stranded without any jobs. These youth affected by job fraud are not getting a sigh of relief, since a few Good Samaritans comprising of entrepreneurs, including Mangaluru South constituency MLA Vedavyas Kamath coming forward to sponsor their fare for flight tickets back to their homeland.

Out of the 40 tickets, MLA D Vedavyas Kamath, has assured to arrange for 21 tickets, while Akash S Panwar, the chairman of Aditi International-Kuwait, along with yet another non-resident Indian in Kuwait have together promised to sponsor 15 tickets. Meanwhile, Bunts Sangha-Kuwait has offered two tickets, while Mohandas Kamath,an expat and his friend Binu Philip, have sponsored one ticket each.

MLA Kamath stated that the process to book tickets is on and would be finished by Monday. Speaking to media he said, “Few weeks ago I had promised to bring these 34 stranded youth back to India. Presently 21 among them have got their passports back from their companies, and now their tickets would be booked. The tickets for the other 13 persons, who are yet to get their passports back, will also be arranged soon”. It is learnt that Akash Panwar has sponsored 15 tickets for the young job aspirants from Andhra Pradesh stuck at Kuwait, after learning about the plight of the youth who were left without money and food, and had provided them with food and other necessities.

But now comes the bad news for these stranded youth, since the camp contractor on Saturday, had asked the youth to vacate the apartment, and had also disconnected water and electricity supply to the flat where they lived. And the weather being so hot now, the youth are finding hard to live in that condition, with no electricity. The youngsters therefore are finding it extremely hard to survive there under hot conditions. Meanwhile, Tulukoota Kuwait has provided groceries to these young men. If everything goes on well, and if tickets get confirmed, the youth should be back in their hometown in three batches, reaching here on 13 , 14 and 17 July 2019.