MLA Vedvyas Inaugurates High-Tech Brachytherapy Cancer Unit in KMC Attavar

MLA Vedvyas Inaugurates High-Tech Brachytherapy Cancer Unit in KMC Attavar

Mangaluru: The Department of Radiotherapy and Oncology in KMC Hospital, Attavar has begun offering a new state of the art 3D High dose rate brachytherapy with in vivo dosimetry. Mangaluru City (South) MLA Vedvyas Kamath officially inaugurated the new brachytherapy wing of the hospital on the same day as National Doctor’s Day. The local MLA then took a guided tour of the wing led by Dr P U Saxena (HOD, Department of Radiotherapy and Oncology in KMC Hospital, Attavar).

Brachytherapy allows for accurate dose measurements and treatment delivery. This technology is the first of its kind in the Coastal region. It is a form of radiation therapy where radiation is given to the patient using medical radiation isotopes like Cobalt 60, Iridium 192 etc by placing hollow metal needles or plastic catheters either inside or on the surface of the body. Radiation is typically delivered over a few minutes once or twice daily for a continuous period of 1-3 days depending upon the type of tumour.

Brachytherapy is usually used in conjunction with external beam Radiotherapy. It is indicated in cancers of the female genital tract, head and neck cancers, oesophageal cancers, prostate cancers etc.

After watching a brief video summarizing the Brachytherapy treatment, Kamath addressed the press where he said, “With the objective of treating the people, KMC Hospital has introduced this new form of cancer treatment and machinery. The machine is able to accurately control the dose and identify the cancerous areas. Earlier, people had to go all the way to Ramaiah Hospital in Bengaluru for such treatment. Now, they can avail it here itself. The short video that I saw is useful for spreading information about the treatment among common people. I am extremely happy that such a facility is available in my constituency and thus, I would like to congratulate the staff and management of KMC Hospital.”

Later, Dr John T Ramapuram (Medical Superintendent of KMC Hospital, Attavar) said, “This is the first hospital in Dakshina Kannada District to start such a comprehensive cancer care centre. We will not compromise in top quality and KMC Hospitals has always been a pioneer in top quality medical care, be it equipment or competitive doctors as well as highly trained personnel comparable with world-class standards.”

Dr M Haridas, Dr KG Bhat, Dr Jayagopal Tholapady, Dr Savitha BS, and others were also present.

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