Model Code of Conduct Impact! Want to Pee or Defecate, Wait Until Elections are Over?

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Model Code of Conduct Impact! Want to Pee or Defecate, Wait Until Elections are Over?

  • Model Code of Conduct Impact! Want to Pee or Defecate, Wait Until Elections are Over- Especially if you are near Kuloor Bridge area-Mangaluru?

Mangaluru: The Election Model Code of Conduct {EMCC} has created lots of inconveniences and hassles to citizens, even hosting a wedding/roce/other grand celebrations has become hardship for host and revelers- and for the fact, news about a Catholic man being arrested and lodged in jail for stocking liquor for a family engagement {Roce} against violation of EMCC has been making headline news in print and electronic media. And yet another impact of EMCC which has put a hold on using a newly built toilet costing nearly Rs 8 lakh, for men and women near Kuloor bridge, is putting a bunch of petty shop owners, public, and even cops on duty in that area in hardship, since they are unable to use the facility to urinate or defecate.

As the saying goes, “When You Gotta Go You Gotta Go!” – It means you have to go to the restroom/toilet really bad. But unfortunately, this proverb won’t suit appropriate here, especially if you are around the Kuloor bridge vicinity, because even though a brand new toilet is ready to use, but SORRY, you can’t use it, until the elections are over, and until the facility has been inaugurated by a Neta or Netas. Sounds funny, but its true- and like one elderly vendor has said, ” Why even wait for the inauguration. Do we care about it. We need the facility for our needs. Even though the toilet has been completed two weeks ago, it’s been locked until elections are over, and a big inauguration ceremony is planned, to waste more of peoples money”.

The Newly-built Toilet for Public Use near Kuloor Bridge

In the meantime it is learnt that an audio clipping from one of the official of Mangaluru City Corporation gone viral on social media, which insists that the doors of the newly built public toilet was thrown open to the public as the inauguration of toilet would be a violation against EMCC. In the clipping MCC Assistant executive engineer Ravi Shankar asserts that the toilet won’t be open prior to an inaugural programme. In response to MCC engineer’s audio clipping, social activist, Sashidar Shetty who uploaded his version with the MCC engineer onto the social media, described the non-utilization of this toilet as total waste of tax payers money, even when the toilet which is completed can’t be used, since someone needs inaugural publicity.

Shetty in his audio clipping, is keen on knowing on how the toilet complex would be inaugurated- will it be just like the guests including few politicians enjoyed dishes during the Indira Canteen inauguration-so in this case, will they use the toilet and declare it open to the public? Quite hilarious post by activist Shetty! In the meantime, area corporator Dayananda Shetty informs that the toilet built at a cost of Rs 8 lakh, which was a long pending demand from the area people/public, will be open soon once electricity connection is done.

The Mega Water Fountain Circle near Mallikatta in City

Now this is not just one completed project that is taking the brunt of EMCC, there are quite a few other projects taken up by the MCC and MLA, where some of them are progressing in a snail pace/or waiting to be inaugurated once the elections are over. For example, the mega Water Fountain Circle near Mallikatta-Mangaluru started couple of months ago, is still half done. Seems like a mini Taj Mahal is coming up there, the way the work is progressing. Other projects, a garden and bus shelter in front of City Hospital, on Kadri Road, which is almost done is lying unattended, is already seen occupied by stray dogs, and also by a homeless lady {who used to spend her night at the other bus shelter near Juice Romantic} has made this one her new home?

The Garden and Bus Shelter, opposite to City hospital, Kadri Rd in City

Also if you look at the progress of work of our former Mayor Kavitha Sanil nearly Rs 80 lakh “Dream Project” the “Clock Tower” near Town Hall, which was supposed to launch soon, is taking its own time, adjusting with the election time schedule. Also wondering how the three other projects, namely the Open-Air Stadium near Yekkur; Kabbadi/Badminton Court near Urwa Market; and Jetty Launch facility near Sulthan battery; where foundation stones were laid on a Single day by Minister Pramod Madhwaraj along with MLA J R Lobo, few days prior to the EMCC was announced, are progressing in the wake of EMCC and Elections.

Former MCC Mayor Kavitha Sanil’s Dream Project-‘The Clock Tower’ near Town Hall in City

Now that all these ongoing projects are the master plans of the Congress party, just imagine what would be the fate in case Congress loses in the forthcoming election? Probably the Mallikatte Water Fountain Circle, when completed, will be with No water; the Garden and Bus Shelter opp to City Hospital once completed will have no ferns or flower plants, and the bus shelter with no commuters instead stray dogs; and the ‘Karate’ Mayor’s “Clock Tower” project when completed probably will have a pillar, without a Clock? Anyways, let’s hope for the best, and let’s keep our fingers crossed hoping that Congress may come back to power, at least to save these projects, where taxpayers money has been pumped into. If not some dudes from the winning party will have the privilege to inaugurate these projects, and take Credit!

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