Modi Govt has Utterly Failed to Provide Compensation for Flood Victims

Modi Govt has Utterly Failed to Provide Compensation for Flood Victims

Mangaluru: “The BJP ministers are not bothered to provide compensation to the people who have lost their property during the flood. For publicity, the MLA of Beltangady says that for the first time we have given housing and compensation for the flood victims but so far nobody has received any compensation nor any housing from the government. If he has given anything to the people of Beltangady, let him release the white paper on the compensation provided to the flood victims in Beltangady. The MLA brought CM Yeddyurappa to visit Beltangady but his visit did not benefit the people of Beltangady”, said the president of District JD(S) Mohammed Kunhi in a press meet held at Hotel Woodlands here on October 8.

Addressing the mediapersons Mohammed Kunhi said, “Our MLA of Mangaluru South Constituency Vedavyas is good in issuing statements but he has so far not done any work. The roads in the city are in a very bad state, it is not possible to travel on the roads. If their own MLAs write to the government requesting funds for any development work, they will get a show-cause notice. When the opposition tries to help the flood victims, the BJP leaders criticize them. After the BJP came to power in the state, every day we read about the transfer of IPS or IAS officers. I am shocked to see the voters who had voted for the BJP MLAs or MPs not raising their voices against the government. If we maintain silence, in the coming days we have to face all the problems. The MLAs have failed to bring compensation to the flood victims.”

Mohammed Kunhi also announced his resignation to the post of District president due to health issues. He also said that he will continue until the next president is appointed.

Former Minister Amarnath Shetty also spoke and said that in the coming days the youth JD(S) and the Women’s wing will stage a protest against the government for the delay in providing compensation for the flood victims.

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