Moodubelle Parishioners Hold Family Picnic

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Moodubelle Parishioners Hold Family Picnic

Dubai: Friends and Families from in and around Moodubelle Parish organized a gathering in the desert on April 1, on the joyous occasion of Easter.

Drive to the desert started in the afternoon with all the participants meeting at a pre decided location, were everyone was briefed on the whole evening’s programme.

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The drive began with a drizzle which threatened to dampen the gathering, however turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the climate cooled down coupled with cool breeze, which added up to the spirit and made the entire evening a pleasant one.

The next meeting point was at the entry to the desert. Here the participants got an opportunity to relax and catch some glimpses of the desert and the camel providing an opportunity for photography before moving to the camp. From this point everyone was taken to the camp in the 4 wheel drives, leaving all the private vehicles behind.

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The captivating view of dunes at the camp mesmerized the families and friends. Everyone actively took part in the fun filled games like Tug Of War, Pulling the car and Caterpillar bulldozer, while some of them enjoyed the Camel ride, Horse Ride, Henna painting, Sheesha and taking pictures in traditional Arabic attire, Quad bike riding and sand skiing.

This camp was a perfect place to unwind from the busy work life. Everyone enjoyed the Tanoura Dance, Belly Dance and fire dance performances. In total it was an evening with Good crowd, lively music, refreshing beverages and awesome Buffet, of course not forgetting the traditional Mangalorean baila dance at the end, which was the culminating point ending the evening on a high note.

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by Manoj D’Souza, Pics by Sandeep, Mervin and Ivan

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