Mother Teresa did conversion, in name of service: RSS leader Mangesh Bhende

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Mother Teresa did conversion, in name of service: RSS leader Mangesh Bhende

Hubballi: Rashtriya Swayamsevaka Sangha (RSS) national office-bearer (Akhila Bharateeya Vyavastha Pramukh) Mangesh Bhende charged that Mother Teresa was indulged in conversion, and to run service centres in the country, she collected money in 17 countries, portraying India under a bad light.

Speaking at the inauguration of ‘Seva Sangam Karnataka-2017’ programme of the Rashtriya Seva Bharati here on Friday, he stated that Sister Nirmala who heads the Missionaries of Charity was also a Hindu earlier.

“Many people are proud of Mother Teresa for taking up service initiatives and starting around 500 service centres. But, she projected Indians as poor and illiterate to collect money from foreign countries. She was indulged in conversion activities, promising people that they would attain heavenly abode,” Mr Bhende said.

In the name of charity, Christian Missionaries are trying for conversion, and are trying to spoil the culture of our country. The so called service of government employees, politicians and Christian Missionaries are not service in actuality. Service should be selfless, and doing service without expecting anything in return is the essence of our religion, he added.

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  1. This bhende kai and badane kai does not help the integrity of the country. Inly kai which has now become the biggest loser is Congress kai

  2. I believe Mangesh Bhende should ask the people who were
    saved, sheltered, fed, treated, and rehabilitated what
    Mother Theresa meant for them, and why the Hindu
    people did not do so.

    There is nothing to project India in bad light – every Indian
    knows what India is and so do nationals of donor countries.
    India is still a poor country by any standard, and will become
    even poorer the way the nation is governed and taxed. Check
    out the news articles everyday in every media, and one finds
    nothing but the BJP and Congress bad mouthing and muck
    slinging at each other instead of being one and united as Indians,
    and Indians from all walks of life complaining of shortages and
    inflation from prices of eggs and vegetables to communication.

  3. For one who do not do any charity or not know the value of charity every good thing one does for others looks evil! He looks every thing with jaundiced eye!

  4. Stop whining, complaining , pointing fingers and you start doing the work she did! You do not know the value of charity because you do not do any. Because of people like you who ignore the poor, hungry that there is so much poverty and suffering in India! Do some good work helping these people and you will attain MOKSHA!

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