Mount Carmel Decennium Exhibition cum 3 on 3 Basket Ball tournament

Mount Carmel Decennium Exhibition cum 3 on 3 Basket Ball tournament

Mangaluru: A showcase of talent, passion, creativity, belongingness, above all appreciation, was made possible through an Exhibition held on 10th November 2017 at Mount Carmel Central School along with Inter School Basket Ball 3 on 3 Tournament.

Mount Carmel Central School erected a platform to showcase the creativity, imagination, application and motor skills of the students. “Set your children up for sports. If they win they will love it! If they loose they will learn from it” for life is a true amalgamation of love and learning. The priority of the Inter School basket ball 3 on 3 tournaments was to participate and to do their best on the games field.

There was nothing one could miss out at this exhibition, from the tiniest amoeba to the erupted volcano, from charts to working models, from inquisitiveness, explanation to satisfaction. It was an exhibition of the creativity of 1800 students’ energy, passion, pride, creativity, action-research was all woven in the lace of “I am the best and so are you”. The programme commenced at 9 am sharp, calling upon the power of the Divine strength, through prayer and dance.

On the dais were present the chief guest of the day Dr. K.V Rao, guest of honor Dr. Murali Krishna, Sr. Maria Jyothi, Joint Secretary, Sr. Carissima, the Administrator, Sandeep D’Souza, PTA Vice President and Sr. Melissa the Principal. Sr. Melissa welcomed and introduced the chief guest of the day. Chris Orlin Cardoza, science secretary of class XII gave a meaningful explanation on the team work that went ahead in preparing the models and exhibits. One could understand from his talk, how this exhibition has brought about the creativity and art talent of the students. Hima G. Shetty, sports secretary of class X briefed about the basketball tournament sportingly.

Dr. Murali Krishna, anesthesiologist – K.S Hegde Medical Academy graced the occasion as a guest of honor. Being a basket ball player himself, he cited that sports support life’s challenges, which keep us fit and perfect. Above all one can cherish these fond memories of the day all through their life.

Dr. K. V Rao an eminent scientist and at present director of Pilikula Regional Science Centre inaugurated the Decennium Exhibition by igniting 10 salts which emitted flames in 10 different colours. Dr. Rao in his address congratulated the management and teachers for providing these hands-on-activity experiences through the exhibition. He cited that learning is fundamental but must be coupled with passion for something more other than academics and sports would be the best. He urged the students to be proactive in all that MCCS is offering with a special request to them to ask the “W’’ questions which could be simple to complex. We had the privilege of Mr. and Mrs. Vidya Bagalodi, Philanthropist who joined the school in exhibiting their philately collection related to science.

We applaud the involvement of MCCS parents without whose contribution this exhibition wouldn’t be one of passion and pride. Our teacher Ms. Sylvia Fernandes came on stage with her heart swollen with gratitude. The programme was compeer ed by Roshna Narayan of class XI. It was a sight worth watching wherein one could witness our parents, children and students of other schools of the city enter and exit awestruck. The joy, appreciation and satisfaction experienced by the viewers will linger on in their memory.