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Mangaluru Smart City Ltd (MSCL) & Mangaluru Urban Development Authority ( MUDA)Should Stop REJUVENATING City LAKES If They Can’t MAINTAIN Them?

Mangaluru: Starting in the year 2022, The Mangaluru Urban Development Authority (MUDA) has undertaken the rejuvenation of a bunch of neglected lakes in the City in association with Mangaluru Smart City Ltd (MSCL)- and while the Rejuvenation of about eight has already been completed, work is on for another seven while proposals for rejuvenation of another 10 have been sanctioned, it is learnt. Moily Kere near Mahakali Padpu in Bolara would have joined the list of hundreds of vanishing tanks and other water bodies, but for the persistence of residents, area corporator and the local MLA. Moily Kere was transformed from a slush pool to a clean water body, and the tank’s rejuvenation made a positive impact in the locality Moily Kere is spread over about half an acre near Mahakali Padpu, near Bolara/Morgan’s Gate, Mangaluru.

However, spread over about half an acre on the western side of the Mangaluru- Shoranur railway line and off the Netravati Cabin, Moily Kere which got a fresh look in March 2022 is now again filled with slush, weeds, and wild grass surrounding it, Snakes seen in the water and rats running around it, garbage scattered etc etc. On its inauguration day, the lake was brimming with fresh water oozing out of the rocky bottom, and one could believe the complete transformation of the area that was once filled with slush and weeds, into the present state.

This is what a nearby resident had to say on 25 March 2022, “We wanted the tank to thrive, but continuous flow of sewage-mixed water from the storm-water drain degenerated the tank water facilitating the growth of weeds and vegetation. The stench was unbearable and mosquitoes thrived making the lives of residents miserable. A plywood factory nearby often closed the storm-water drain and the waste water flowed into the tank. We wanted the tank to be filled with soil, The residents are happy to get a socializing place instead of the stench. Though the tank is a small one, its rejuvenation has brought a positive impact on the locality

This is what another resident in that area had to say on 30 October 2023, ” I can’t believe that with nearly Rs 50 lakhs spent on the rejuvenation of this lake, it is now totally pathetic, filled with weeds, dirty water, snakes, filth etc. The area is so dark at night, that no one dares to enter the area. With the stagnant water in the lake, visitors could be swarmed with mosquitoes, resulting in diseases like Dengue, malaria etc. After spending so much money, how can the authorities of MSCL or MUDA neglect and allow the lake to reach such a pathetic condition”.

It should be noted that the transformation of Moily Kere Lake began on 10 August 2021 when Mangaluru City South MLA D. Vedavyas Kamath laid the foundation stone for the rejuvenation work at an estimated cost of Rs 50 lakh, funded by Mangalore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) in the presence of MUDA Chairman Ravishankar Mijar. Despite COVID-19, the work was taken up at a brisk pace and was completed in March 2022. The MLA had said that he was committed to rejuvenating all water bodies in his constituency, and had set a target of improving five tanks a year, in all 25 during his five-year term. The completed ones include Gujjara Kere, Byradi Kere, two tanks in Kadri and the Kulashekara Kere The administration has planned to rejuvenate lost water bodies across Mangaluru to increase the groundwater table.

On that day, MUDA Chairman Ravishankar Mijar said that the MLA had sought the assistance of MUDA for tank and lake rejuvenation works. “The authority is working on his proposal and has already sanctioned funds for some. While the administration will rejuvenate lost water bodies, it is the responsibility of the general public to maintain them in good condition. The Moily Kere has been in a state of disuse with the growth of vegetation and accumulation of silt. The tank also sees breeding of mosquitoes following the flow of wastewater “.

Having said that by Mijar, however, a little over a year, if you look at the present condition of the Lake it is in a dilapidated condition, lake water filled with weeds, waste, snakes etc. The stagnant water has given scope for the breeding of mosquitoes, posing to spread diseases, and no one is bothered about it. Wild grass has grown all around, garbage dumped etc. And even if the banners posted near the lake read “Marvellous Mangalore”, I am confused as to what part of this Lake looks Marvellous. Not Marvellous but Disastrous?


With the labourers working on the Railway Under Bridge project near the Moliy Kere in Mahakali Padpu, a few days ago a water pipe, and gallons of water has been leaking which has formed a Mini Lake. Residents say even after informing the concerned people at the site days ago, no one had bothered to rectify the situation, meanwhile, water is still oozing out. While many in the city are facing a shortage of water, here we are seeing water being wasted unnecessarily due to human error. Bah humbug!

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