Mudipu: Miracle Hill

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There are some things that we believe in contrast with the things that we see. I found myself compelled to share this travelogue with you — The Miracle Hill.

Mudipu Hill, a convergence of miracles, an abode of peace and serene atmosphere, a little hill near the village called Mudipu, close to the outskirts of the Mangalore city. We were visiting one of our acquaintance, at a village near Konaje, we consequently decided to stop by the hill, as we were passing by the Mangalore University campus. The day was intensely warm but, happily, here and there we elevated towards the little hill that was said to be a ‘Miracle Hill’ which is at a distance of about 2 miles from Mudipu town. There stands a statue of a patron of this hill, Blessed Joseph Vaz near the entrance as you are on top of the hill.

The Blessed

Fr. Denis G. Pereira in his “The Man, His Mission, His Message” says, Blessed Joseph Vaz, also called as a Apostle of Canara, was born in Goa in 1651 to a devout and pious Catholic couple. Joseph’s father saw a star in the sky during mid of a day when he was born and he wrote in his diary that his son will become a great man. He was ordained priest in 1676 and appointed as a Vicar of the Canara in 1681.

Fr Joseph Vaz, disguised as a migrant labourer, later entered Srilanka and died of illness at the age of 60 in 1711 and was buried in the church which was erected by him in Kandy, Srilanka.

Fr Joseph Vaz was Beatified on 21 January 1995 by Pope John Paul II at Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Holes on the rock have water!

Guddeda Dever

It was when Fr Vaz was a parish priest at Ullal Panir church, some deviant people plotted to eliminate him and one night they requested him to inunct a dying person. Fr Joseph readily agreed and set out to visit the sick person with them. As they were approaching the deserted area on the hill, they tried to kill him. Fr Joseph suddenly hit his stick to the ground, knelt down and prayed, it was then water sprang from the hard rock on the top of the hill. People who came to eliminate him said to have fled the place with fear and these three little springs still bear the witness to this miracle because a 60 feet well dug near to these ponds has no traces of water! He is now called by the name ‘Guddeda Dever'(God of the mountain) in Tulu language.

A Chapel has been built here like a stadium with oval shaped structure and a gothic pandal has been erected around the shrine. At the entrance of the shrine is the resting place which is called Vihara Dhama. on one side of the hill, you will enjoy the serene beauty of nature and arabian sea at a distance.

Not only Christians, but devotees of all religions visit this place, kneel down and pray. I am sure Mudipu Hill is a place for peace, meditation and a symbol of communal harmony!

60 ft well next to the 3 holes has no traces of water

Author: Rosanne DSouza- USA

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