Mumbai: Family Members say Anmol Chandan (21) was Pushed from building – deny police suicide claim

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Mumbai: Relatives and friends of 21-year-old Anmol Sanjay Kumar Chandan who allegedly committed suicide in the early hours of Sunday 15th March are up in arms against the Charkop police for going slow on the investigation. In several letters written to the Commissioner of Police Mumbai, the Additional Commissioner of Police and the DCP Zone XI, they have alleged that Anmol was murdered in a criminal conspiracy hatched by his wife and her lover. According to a copy of the complaint letter submitted to the Charkop police station, the deceased’s wife was allegedly having an affair with one of her office colleagues and wanted to get married to him. She tried to obtain a divorce from Anmol Chandan, but the latter did not want to separate as he loved her and wanted to sort out their differences. The family has alleged that Ms Tarrannum Anwar Khan hatched a criminal conspiracy with her boyfriend with whom she was having an illicit extra marital affair for almost eight months. They have also alleged that his wife used to invite her male friends over to the flat and he had caught her in a compromising position with one male friend on more than one occasion.


It may be recalled that the 21-year-old post-graduate ended his life by jumping from the 19th floor of the 24-storey Mhada building in Ekta Nagar, Charkop, on Sunday 15th March. People residing on the lower floors of building number 55 heard a loud thud at 8am and found that a resident had committed suicide. The Charkop police identified the deceased as Anmol Chandan (21) after repairing the broken mobile that belonged to him.

Chandan’s family has also alleged that his wife used to taunt and mentally harass him every day for money. She used to demand Rs 10 to Rs 15,000 every day and was demanding Rs 5 lakh to set up her own fashion designing business. The deceased sent a message to his mother minutes before jumping from the 19th floor in which he mentioned that his wife has always cheated on him. His family now insists that the SMS message should be considered as a dying declaration and an abetment to suicide case should be registered against his wife, her parents and her lover.

At around 7 am on Sunday, his sent the message to his mother and allegedly jumped off the building. The watchman of the building heard a thud and then informed others. Although he was rushed to the hospital, he was declared dead before admission. His family has alleged that based on the photographs of the position of his body found in the building compound, Anmol Chandan could have been pushed by someone from the flat. They allege that his wife’s male friends used to visit the flat and it is possible that someone could have got into the flat and pushed him while he was in a disturbed state of mind. The previous night he had a fight with his estranged wife who had demanded that he accompany her to a lawyer and sign the divorce papers. She allegedly also threatened him that she would publicly expose him in a false case if he did not sign the divorce papers.
According to neighbours on the fateful Sunday morning at around 8.00 am, the deceased was talking to someone on the phone at his 19th floor residence. He seemed engaged in a wordy fight with someone according to his neighbours who heard his loud voice. A few minutes later he jumped from the 21st floor from the passage area. His family alleges that someone could be inside the house and a fight may be going on between the two, with the other person pushing him down.

Finally fed up with the police inaction and indifference, the family has decided to file a private complaint in the metropolitan magistrate’s court praying for a investigation under section 156 (3) of the CrPC.

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  1. In India if a women die or committe suicide when she caught red handed with her lover, by default Police will arrest her husband, and charge him with murder without much investigation and its upto him to prove himself innocent.

    but if Women kill her husband with the help of her lover, or her husband committe suicide because mental harassment or because of her extra marital affair, Police will not arrest Women by default. thats the pathetic situation of Indian law.

    Here is the another example

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