Mumbai: Poonam Pandey Hints at Surely Doing Dare-and-bare at This Year’s World Cup!

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Mumbai: She touts herself as a ‘New Generation Girl’ and a ’21-year-old model from Mumbai’, proudly claiming to be ‘the most-downloaded girl on the Internet’, but, at the same time, modestly crediting the information to Google. (How sweet!)

Another nondescript model, Salina Wali Khan, suddenly shot to fame – or, was it notoriety? – when, a few years ago, she announced that she would do the bare act if the Jan Lokpal Bill was not passed. That happened when Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption agitation was at its peak.


Salina only helped in trivializing a burning issue. At that stage, the entire country was seized of that important subject. It is another matter that not many speak of Anna, Lokpal Bill or the corruption issue ever since. Corruption has only grown manifold. No one remembers Salina Wali Khan even.

When one is not in circulation in the modelling and movie world, what can be expected of a small-time model and starlet? Unlike Salina, Poonam somehow manages to keep herself in the limelight quite often with her tweets on the Net or some plain gimmicks. And the gossip-hungry Netizens readily oblige with their clicks and likes.

Around the time of the previous Cricket World Cup, Poonam had announced that she would strip to the barest minimum if India won the championship. That our Boys in Blue scored on their own merit and not by being spurred by her bait or ruse is well recognized.

Not much had been heard about her since the last World Cup, at least not in a wider perspective. But her ‘admirers’ would not let her go. With some time left for the commencement of the tournament in 2015, speculations began in the media and social networks as to what she would be up to this time.

Vanity and ego can easily fall for flattery and pampering. Poonam is now said to have hinted at doing it for sure this time. On the one hand, no one can confidently say if she is serious about doing it or if it is just another gimmick. If she does, on the other hand, she could be inviting trouble from the law-enforcement authorities.

Either way, she would gain in terms of publicity. But, on the whole, in what way such a preposterous act can boost the fortunes of the erratic Indian cricketing pattern is anybody’s guess.

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