Muslim HC Claims Police Falsely Prosecuting Jokatte Youth over Viral Video

Muslim HC Claims Police Falsely Prosecuting Jokatte Youth over Viral Video

Mangaluru: “On June 3rd, a person by the name of Mohammed Haneef (who raises chicken, cattle and other livestock as his occupation) had 23 cattle seized from him by the Panambur Police Department. Since several years, Haneef has been in the business of tending and raising livestock. He does not have a single case registered against him at any police station. Despite providing all the required paperwork to prove that the cattle is his, the Panambur Police levied false charges against him. When Haneef went to the court, the court ruled that the cattle be released to him” said Gram Panchayat (Jokatte) member AK Ashraf in a press meet held at Woodlands Hotel, Bunts Hostel here, on June 24.

Addressing the media persons Ashraf said, “Upon releasing the cattle, the Pajir Govanitashraya Goshale (which was temporarily housing the seized cattle) said that one vehicle was allowed to transport only 4 cattle. Therefore, six pickup trucks were arranged to bring back the cattle. In this context, about 10-15 minutes before reaching Jokatte, a few youths burst firecrackers as they were happy that their cattle were released. This was filmed by some bystander and it went viral on social media. The Sangh Parivar is alleging that this was done to communalize the issue. Subsequently, the city police filed a case under section 153 (A) (Promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion) of the IPC. We are asking the Police Commissioner to withdraw this case as it is a minor incident. There is also an attempt to take this minor video issue and make it into a communal issue.”

Ashraf also said, “I would like to request the press to help us in this issue as well. The Police are cracking down on all the youths of the area and they are taking innocent bystanders into the station for interrogation. I request the police to stop this. The video was filmed at a busy junction in Jokatte and hence, no one can say that nobody should take a video there. There was no celebratory rally when the cattle were being brought back. It only appears in the video that way.”

Representing the accused (Mohammed Haneef) Advocate Abdul Majeed Khan said, “Our grievance that we would like to put before the media is that, the people who appear in the video, as well as those who filmed it, are innocent. Their celebratory actions were not done to provoke any community. It was purely out of happiness as they got justice from the court. It is only their expression. We are all human beings and happiness is only a part of human nature. We are requesting the Police Commissioner to look into this matter and we hope that the justice will be delivered.”

Muslim Hitharakshane Committee Convener OM Khader, JDS leader BK Hussain, Gram Panchayat (Jokatte) member Abdul Khader, SDPI District President Attaullah Jokatte, and others were also present. இடுகையிட்ட தேதி: திங்கள், 24 ஜூன், 2019

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what rubbish. when home stay attacker and killer release from jail they get tremendous welcome from these goons. but that time no case or anything done by police.