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Hello readers. I am back with my second article. (My first article : MY LIFE OF MUSIC…. ) First and foremost, I want to thank God for showering me with so many talents. My second and most favourite hobby is COOKING and my main inspiration is my father, as he cooks exotic dishes like dynamite shrimp, butter garlic squid, stuffed capsicum, biriyani and many, many other dishes. My father lives in Kuwait, and every single time he cooks delicious food I feel jealous.

One of my most favourite parts of cooking is scraping the coconut and making POV (beaten rice). So let us zoom in and check my recipe of making pov. (It is a secret but I am sharing it with you ,so try it in your house)

Ingredients needed:

Banana (optional)

So are you all ready, let’s begin with my secret recipe


1.Take a big bowl and add the required quantity of Poha.
2. Powder some cardamom and add it to the bowl of Poha.
3.Scrape the required amount of coconut and add a teaspoon of ghee to the dish.
4. Add the jaggery sweetness of the poha according to your choice.
5. Slice three bananas and add it to the Poha, if required.
6. Sprinkle little water to make the Poha soft.

Here’s a hint

(Banana adds flavour to the dish)

I prepared Poha this morning and my family loved it. So try making this dish in your family too. But more than anything I love sweets. It makes my mouth melt. I had prepared a chocolate mousse last month, and what do you think was the result?

Honestly, it was a mind-blowing dish. We even made a cake for my mother’s and brother’s birthday. Everyone loved the cake and suggested that homemade cakes are the best. Avoid eating food from outside as it may contain chemicals and preservatives.

I am still thinking about what topic I should write next, I will be delighted if you readers can suggest an interesting topic so that I can write. So I hope everyone who is reading this article enjoyed it. I thank, especially Uncle Alfie D’Souza of Team Mangalorean for encouraging me to write. If you liked my article, please leave in your comments. It would encourage me to write more and more.

About Author:

Miss Shinelle D’Silva, aged 13 years, a VIII th standard student at Mount Carmel Central School, Mary Hill, Mangaluru. She is the daughter of Roshan D’Silva, employed in Kuwait, and Mrs Nirmala, who owns a cosmetic shop in Mangaluru. She has a younger brother, Elric studying in 4th standard, also at Mount Carmel, Central School. Shinelle’s hobbies are Music, Singing, Reading Books and Travelling.

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  1. Dear shinelle , your POV looks amazing.. learn to make more dishes.. when we come down.. very proud of your talents and achievements..
    Why dont you write about your pet cat next ?

  2. Loved it a lot shinelle. Your talents are so good. Write about your little brother next.

  3. Well done Shinelle,
    For someone who has tasted Roshans food we know cooking is in your genes. This comes as no surprise at all.
    Next topics- Look at everyday things and just pen down your thoughts could be as simple as online classes, Screen time, Kuwait v/s Mlore anything that catches ur fancy.

  4. Good job Shinelle. Long way to go. That Poha is my favourite dish too. Just grate the coconut and mix with jaggery and a cup of hot tea and you are sorted. Good luck child…??

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