Mysuru: Kumari’s ‘Prema’ Threatens to Haunt Former Minister Ramdas All over Again!

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Mysuru: The fifty-plus bachelor minister in the earlier BJP government may have thought that everything was quiet on the ‘Prema’ front.

Addressing a media meet here on Thursday, Premakumari, who has been claiming to be the wife of S A Ramdas, former minister, repeated her tale of woes saying that she had been wronged by him. She sought to know, when she had accepted him as her husband, as to how it would be wrong on her part to seek conjugal rights to live with him and questioned as to why she was being harassed.


She revealed that she also faced problems from the government in that she had resigned her job but it had not been accepted. On the other hand, all facilities and salary payments were being denied to her. While being the second grade assistant in government, she was transferred from place to place and her salary had been held back for the last eight months.

She further said that several times she made enquiries at the Tumkur office and also the deputy commissioner’s office. She also pointed out that she had submitted a request to the chairperson of the women’s commission in the presence of the chief minister. But even the minimum courtesy of enquiring of what her problem was not shown, she said.

Being disgusted with the whole affair, she said, she had voluntarily resigned her job three months ago. It was not accepted and the file was not disposed of. Instead, a notice was served on her which added to her mental agony. With no salary being paid, her children’s education was at stake, she complained.

Premakumari further declared that her name was firmly entwined with S A Ramdas and he alone was her husband. Asserting that no one could separate them, she repeated that Ramdas being her husband was always welcome to come to her home and live with her.

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