Mysuru: Woman Ends Life after Husband Suspects Loyalty over WhatsApp Message

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Mysuru: More and more bizarre reports are being heard in connection with the abuse of the Internet, mobile communication and social media.

Persons unknown to each other fall in love through Facebook or chats, without realizing the hazards involved. In many cases, young girls get trapped by even married men. In a few others, conmen cheat young men by pretending to be unmarried women online and fleece them by various means.

Rupesh and Navyashree (24) were happily married and had a cordial marital relationship over the past 14 months. While Rupesh pursues PhD studies at the CFTRI here, the wife, daughter of Muniswami of Davanagere, was an engineer with CESCOM at K R Pet.

On Sunday, while Rupesh happened to play games on Navyashree’s mobile phone, a message reading ‘You are my sweetheart’ was received. Rupesh questioned her about it. She explained her innocence but he reportedly took it seriously and stopped speaking to her then onwards.

On Monday, Navyashree called him on phone and tried to convince him that there was nothing amiss. Rupesh cut the call short and said he would come home and speak. Upset over this, Navyashree, is said to have hanged herself in her room at home.

The WhatsApp message had reportedly come from a familiar person. It might have been meant as a friendly prank, but Rupesh was not convinced.

Sources close to them said that they were very attached to and possessive of each other. While he could not think of any disloyalty from his wife, she could not accept a situation wherein her character was suspected.

The police from Mandi station, on receipt of a complaint from her father Muniswamy, registered a case. But they have declined to divulge the identity of the person who sent the message, pending full investigations.

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