Naanu Avanalla Avalu – Subhash becomes Lavanya in Udupi

Naanu Avanalla Avalu – Subhash becomes Lavanya in Udupi

Udupi: Dear readers we are all aware of National-level award-winning movie Naanu Avanalla Avalu ( I am not he, but she) In this movie Madesha (Sanchari Vijay) a boy from Kamalapura born to middle class, simple living and caring parents. As every parent does, Madesha’s parents show unconditional love towards him. After a period of time Madesha craves to become a girl. His body language, gestures, and feelings change as he meets his friend Govinda.

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Madesha’s parents and his sister worry about his future as he develops a lifestyle similar to a girl. Worried about his future Madesha moves to city and lives with his sister. The story takes a new turn when Madesha leaves his sister’s place to evolve into real ‘her’ in him!

Madesha shows total uneasiness living as a man and wishes to become a woman. He meets the head of the transgender community, Danamma, and asks for her help. Danamma sends Madesha to Pune to be with her associate Nani; there, Madesha transforms and is renamed Vidhya. Vidhya is forced to beg to earn her livelihood. She takes Nirvana (sexual reassignment surgery).

This is the brief story of Naanu Avanalla Avalu. The same incident came to light in Udupi district recently.

As per the transgender culture, a youth Subhash changed as Lavanya in a Nirvana ceremony held recently at Malpe.

Subhash a boy from Karkala born to middle-class family, simple living and caring parents. He studied till 9 std in Karkala. His parents showed him unconditional love. After a period of time Subhash craved to become a girl. His Body language, gestures and feelings changed as a girl. He also started to wear like a girl.

The Nirvana ceremony was traditionally held at Malpe. More than 70 transgenders participated from across the county. Pethraj Matha was the Goddess for the Transgender. Rani the leader (Ajji) of Karavali (Goa to Kerala border) the transgender team was also present at the ceremony and received Lavanya into their community. Those going for the Nirvana ceremony should spend 40 days in a dark room. The event concluded after a 40 day period of Lavanya’s complete isolation following the symbolic, rather than actual, act of castration. Thereafter religious rituals were held. Later he should offer milk to the sea god and only then will he get the recognition in their team. After the religious rituals, Subhash changed as Lavanya. The event Nirvana will continue with a whole night dance ‘Jalsa’ performance giving gifts and money.

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Speaking after the Nirvana ceremony Lavanya said that I was interested in becoming Magnalmuki (Transgender) in my childhood. When I was young I started to roam with the transgenders in Udupi. First, they refused to take me with them. After waiting for many years now they have accepted me in their community.

In the Nirvana Ceremony, most transgenders go to Ajjis or dhai ammas (leaders in the transgender community) for castration. “They are done in a bizarre environment. The transgender is prepared for the crude surgery days ahead with special pujas and diet. After the surgery, and after the wound heals, a function is held to celebrate her’ puberty.

One side their own transgender community need to go through the Nirvana ceremony for recognition, on the other side the government is trying to bring them to the mainstream by announcing various government schemes like Manaswini, Maithri etc.