Narrow Drainage & Gutters Filled With Garbage results in Flooding of a House in Falnir

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Narrow Drainage & Gutters Filled With Garbage results in Flooding of a House in Falnir

Mangaluru: Talk about the continuous downpour of rain this morning, resulted in putting Mangaluru out of gear, with many parts submerged under knee foot of stranded water. Even though Mangaluru didn’t experience what it experienced in May 2018, but many of the low lying areas were totally submerged underwater, making it hard for motorists and pedestrians to commute. Even the Mangaluru Central Railway Station was flooded- and our MP is talking about making it a Station of International standard? Like always K S Rao Road, Jyothi was also flooded, and water could be seen gushing out of the manhole in front of City Centre Mall- this is an ongoing problem every time it rains heavily- and until now no one has rectified the problem.

With all the rainwater stranded on the road, and some areas flooded, it is surprising to note after all the money they are spending on the new drainage system under the Smart City Development project, seems like it’s a waste of money- because every time there is a heavy downpour the City is flooded- and the drainage water gushing into the road, halts traffic and pedestrian movement for hours. And such incident highlights how lack of civic sense exacerbates the problem of maintaining the city’s network of SWDs, which are supposed to enable passage of rainwater to various lakes and thereby, prevent flooding during rains. And for that matter, City saw it again this morning. The engineers and contractors of such unscientific drainage projects should be ashamed of themselves. Just look at the new roads constructed recently-none of them have a proper footpath nor proper drainage. So where do you think the rainwater has to flow if there is no drainage- unfortunately, on to the road.

Now coming to the topic of this report- a house located in the ‘Mascarenhas Garden’, on Falnir Road near K2 Apartments and Falnir Towers-Mangaluru got totally flooded-thanks to the ignorant people for dumping waste in the gutters nearby, and also for the unscientific new concrete done recently in that vicinity, where after concretization of the road, only a narrow drainage was left- which led to overflow of water, and thereby entering into this house, which is situated on a lower level. In the meantime, a compound wall also collapsed on that stretch of the road, which made the situation more worse. The workers who were called to fix the problem had a tough time to clear the huge amount of debris in the drains.

MCC needs to coordinate and sort out the reasons for the bad work and its impact during work. Apart from the new drainage, prior to the rain, MCC should have cleaned all the drainage, removed the wastage, so that water could flow smoothly. But looks like that was not done, and the residents in this area had to face the brunt of toady’s downpour. When the new roads are done MCC don’t provide any alternatives/local amenities like proper footpaths/drainage, because they think that’s not their job, nor they care about peoples safety.

The deadly medley of uncleared garbage, cesspools of stagnant water and unbridled flow of liquid waste into stormwater drains is a sure-shot recipe for disaster. Any day. Add rains, pathetic drainage infrastructure and watch the City’s dangerous slide into complete chaos….and that’s what the City saw today, including a few residents in the Mascarenhas Garden locality. Team Mangalorean has learnt that an engineer from MCC had visited this Falnir area, and after meeting few people residing in the 7-8 houses on that stretch of the road, has assured that necessary precautions will be undertaken so that such overflowing of water will never occur again.

So what’s the solution? Engineers, contractors and all those who were responsible for the shabby development work should be taken for task. But that’s not happening, because everyone is hand in hand, with ONLY one thing in mind, as to how to make money- or call it “CORRUPT?”. The blame game should be stopped also. Citizens should regret electing leaders like these, who don’t care. MLA’s/Leaders boast about development, but what development are they talking about?”. Our Engineers are only good at constructing Mega Circles-you know what I mean? That’s not development- and that’s not smart either, Mangaluru being named as “Smart City”.

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  1. The owner of the house need to take legal action against MCC authorities and claim for compensation.

  2. I am a resident of the house that has been affected we have been complaining about the rainwater drainage to the corporation since so many years ..but nothing much is done the concreting of the falnir kankanady road has made the situation worse

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