Nativity Feast Celebrated at Rosario Cathedral with enthusiasm and devotion

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Nativity Feast Celebrated at Rosario Cathedral with enthusiasm and devotion

Mangaluru: The parishioners of Rosario Cathedral celebrated the feast of Nativity with enthusiasm and devotion here, on September 8.

At the Rosario Cathedral, the procession of the Bambina of Infant Mary began from the Gladsom Home, Minor Seminary Mankistand. All the people marched in a procession carrying the new grown paddy and children carrying flowers. The procession culminated at the cathedral ground, accompanied by the faithful carrying the sheaves of newly grown paddy.

Vicar General Msgr Denis Moras Prabhu along with Parish Priest Fr J B Crasta blessed the newly grown paddy which was followed by children offering flowers to Mother Mary as the congregation sang “Sakkad sangatha melya”.
In his homily, Assistant Parish Priest of Rosario Cathedral Fr Anil Fernandes said, “Mother takes care of her children fulfilling all their needs. She put all her efforts to make her children educated and energetic. Mother has the greatest affection towards her children. A mother sacrifices her life for the success of her children. September 8 is the birthday of Mother Mary and the day is dedicated to women. Women are facing discrimination by men. A number of women work for the betterment of the society but they do not get respect or proper recognition for their work. Let us encourage them for their work and respect them. Let the society respect the girl child, women, mothers and sisters.”

Recalling a story of “8 lies of a Mother” Fr Anil further said, “A mother sacrificed her entire life for her son to give him good education and make him a great person in the society. When she was young she lost her husband but she sacrificed her life for her son. She used to skip her meals and feed her son, she was even not buying anything for her. If an earthly mother loves us in such a way, how our heavenly mother will love us? Let us increase our devotion towards Mother Mary because, For nine days we have offered flowers to Mother Mary, from now on we have to offer ourselves throughout the year to Mother Mary considering ourselves as beautiful flowers. Let we accept Mother Mary as our Queen and Jesus as our King.”

In Rosario Cathedral, the parish priest has given utmost importance to girls giving them an opportunity in the prayer service. Parish Priest of Rosario Cathedral Fr J B Crasta delivered the vote of thanks. The principal of Rosario Degree College Fr Rockey Fernandes, Principal of Rosario PUC Fr Vincent D’Souza and Priest from Gladsom Home Fr Jagadeesh Pinto were also present.

New grown paddy corn was distributed to the parishioners and children left happily with sugar canes!

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