Nat’l Conference on ‘Navigating the Future of Work, Strategies for Success’ held at Roshni Nilaya

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Nat’l Conference on ‘ Navigating the Future of Work, Strategies for Success’ held at Roshni Nilaya

Mangaluru: The National Conference on “Navigating the Future of Work: Strategies for Success” was organized by the School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya in collaboration with the National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM), Mangaluru Chapter, and the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC). The conference was inaugurated on February 23, 2024, at 10:00 AM by Ranjan Bellarpady, Coordinator of Youth, Education & Sustainability Programmes at Ramakrishna Mission, Mangaluru.

In his inaugural address, Ranjan Ballarpady commended the event’s theme and highlighted the significance of strategies focused on engaging and retaining staff. He emphasized that HR professionals should not only serve as spokespersons for employees but also as partners in management, embodying leadership qualities. Ranjan referenced Swami Vivekananda’s “3 H formula” – heart to feel, head to think, hands to work – to emphasize the holistic approach required in HR roles, stressing the value of servant leadership.

Furthermore, Ranjan outlined three key points for HR professionals, urging them to go beyond policy enforcement by understanding and addressing employee concerns while fostering problem-solving skills among staff to improve retention. He also emphasized the importance of actively contributing to societal well-being and continuously seeking knowledge. He concluded by highlighting the significance of self-care and personal growth as catalysts for organizational change, advocating for a proactive approach towards professional development within the HR field.

Steevan Pinto, Chairman of the NIPM Mangalore chapter, inaugurated the NIPM student chapter and highlighted the significance of HR students’ involvement in the professional organization. He commended the School of Social Work for its continuous support and participation in NIPM activities since its establishment in Mangalore. Pinto emphasized the numerous benefits HR students can gain from engaging with NIPM, including networking opportunities with experienced professionals, industry insights through meetings and programs, professional development and job opportunities through recruitment events, and personal growth by building confidence and leadership skills within the HR community. Pinto encouraged HR students to actively engage with NIPM to leverage these advantages and further their careers in human resources.

In her presidential address, Dr Jenis Mary, the Vice Principal of the college, emphasized the importance of organizing conferences that provide students with insights into the latest advancements in their chosen field. She highlighted the benefits of students associating with professional organizations like NIPM, stating that such collaborations can offer valuable opportunities for personal and professional growth. Dr Mary urged students to actively engage with these platforms and make the most of the resources and networking opportunities they provide. By encouraging students to seize these chances for their advantage, she underscored the potential for enhancing their understanding of industry trends and fostering their development as future HR professionals.

Past Chairpersons of NIPM Mangalore Chapter Mr Suresh P, HR Former Principal Dr Jacinta D’Souza, Eveleen Bennis H O D of MSW, Aloysius Kiran, General Manager-HR at Schneider Electric, Bengaluru; Pathanjali Bhat, Director-Human Resources at Ivanti India, Bengaluru; Brian D A Fernandes, Director of Spearhead Media Pvt Ltd, Mangaluru, HR forum Coordinator Dr Sebastin K V, Forum President Sharanya, Secretary Shradda were present during the occasion. Ms Prithvi Compeered.

Report by Dr Sebastin KV, HR Forum Coordinator

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