The Never Fading Smile

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The never fading smile


That broad smile of yours
Painted to perfection
Flashing from ear to ear
Drawing our affection

Ambitions high at the peaks
Hoisting the colours of pride
Ready to brave the odds
Ready to fight the tide

Cuts and wounds you never cared
Always striving hard for excellence
Always flew with victory, coz
The best you were at what you did

We danced to life’s music
Stepping to its melody, happily
But fate chose differently, trying
To fade your smile forever

Challenges thrown you braved them
Pains suffered without complaining
Focused your thoughts to one thing
Patiently waiting for the cure

The day came when the smile faded,
Not yours but that of ours
For years as we keep you alive,
Your smile will remain with us.

 By Sydney B Monteiro

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