New Delhi: Logo of ‘Make in India’ Designed by Firm of Foreign Origin, RTI Query Reveals

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New Delhi: India’s ambitious, high-profile ‘Make in India’ campaign, aimed at igniting the ‘Swadeshi’ spirit among the Indian nationals with so much of hype and expensive publicity britzkrieg, is now being blamed of contradictions.


It has come to light that the logo showing a lion on a royal march, expected to showcase the roar of India’s progress, was designed and provided by Wieden and Kennedy, a firm of US origin.

The image of the lion has been made of the working parts – wheels and works – of an assorted set of machinery. The creativity apart, it has created a rattle of controversy.

Its foreign origin has been revealed by none other than the Union ministry of commerce and industry, in response to a query from Chandrashekhar Gaur from Madhya Pradesh. He had invoked the provisions of the Right to Information Act.

It has also revealed that no tender had been called for in connection with the logo. The US firm had been commissioned to release advertisements and generate publicity. It also claimed that the design was provided by the Indian unit of the firm.

The RTI revelations also mention that the firm was not paid anything for the logo as such, but the Union government has entered into a contract with the firm for the publicity of the ‘Make in India’ campaign for three years by paying Rs 11 crore.

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  1. Dear readers,

    Now RTI has even revealed that ‘make in India’ logo is also not Indian origin, after sucking the the cheap labour to serve the Multinational companies interest.

    This news is making the round in the past that Modi’s government made trade in with ‘Swiss bank’s original ad campaign.

    This is in fact the campaign for the Cantonal Bank of Zurich in Switzerland, and the artwork has been designed by Swiss designer Nadine Geissbülher. It was formally launched almost a year before we launched ‘Make in India.’ The Indian campaign was launched in September 2014 to profile India as a global manufacturing prowess.

    The ‘Make In India’ Logo Might Be A Copy Of This Swiss Bank’s Ad Campaign

    It was later presented on the ‘Make In India’ tableau on January 26 in the Republic Day parade, which was attended by US President Barack Obama.The Supreme Court slammed the Union government today for spending crores on the Republic Day parade but delaying the payment of compensation to farmers for land acquired from them.

    “You spend Rs. 100 crores on Republic Day parade but when it comes to payment of compensation to farmers, you file appeals,” Chief Justice HL Dattu told the Centre.

    This is the same government which stole Mahatma Gandhi ‘Goggles’ and rebranded his mission of clean India into ‘Swachh Bharat’ to end Gandhi legacy.

    Jai hind

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