Noel Gallagher losing his sight

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Los Angeles, March 3 (IANS) Singer Noel Gallagher has spoken out about losing his sight, revealing it’s becoming blurry.

He doesn’t however want to wear glasses and will only have treatment to prevent the deterioration of his vision when he’s unable to tell the difference between other women and his wife, Sara MacDonald, reports

“I do need glasses. But I’m going to wait until I walk into a restaurant and accidentally kiss other women while my wife is at another table before I do anything about it. Then I’m going to get them lasered,” he told The Sun newspaper.

Though he’s known for penning some major hits, he’d rather be unable to write further tunes than lose his trademark hairstyle.

“If my hair ever goes, it’s getting shaved. I’d rather lose my songwriting ability than my barnet. I’ve written loads of great songs, but it doesn’t work without the hairdo,” she said.

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