Those do not have concern for others indulge in Communal Violence – Actor Prakash Rai

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Those do not have concern for others indulge in Communal Violence – Actor Prakash Rai during Karavali Utsav Inauguration

Mangaluru: Multilingual film actor, director, producer, thespian and television presenter Prakash Rai inaugurated the Karavali Utsav 2017 at the Karavali Grounds here on December 22.

Prior to the inaugural programme the Karavali Exhibition was inaugurated by the District Minister In-charge Ramanath Rai by cutting the ribbon.

The programme began with an invocation. ADC Kumar welcomed the gathering. The programme was inaugurated by Prakash Rai by lighting the traditional lamp followed by unfurling the arecanut inflorescence.

Addressing the gathering Prakash Rai said, “I am here to inaugurate the Karavali Utsav. The question is, who am I? For some I am a villain, for some I am good, for some I am bad, some understand me and some do not. This is a grand celebration, without any politics I am here to inaugurate the programme. There is strong opposition from some organizations that I should not inaugurate this programme. Abusive language is being used against me in the social media to stop me from attending the inaugural programme.”

Prakash Rai further said, “Karavali means celebration because the people of Tulunadu are hardworking and this is a beautiful district. Karavali means, the sea, whatever we throw into the Sea, the sea throws it back. Where there is Nagabana there the forest is not destroyed and where there are temples, the land is not disturbed and we live with nature.”

Prakash Rai further said, “I need to answer those who ask me whether I am Prakash Rai or Prakash Raj. MP Pratap Simha had thrown this question to me. When I come to my own town to receive the Dr Shivaram Karanth award people protest. I am Prakash Rai and my film name is Prakash Raj. It is common sense to understand it because Rajanikanth’s actual name is Shivaji Rao, why people are not questioning him, why me? I born to Manjunath Rai Salethur and Swarnalatha couple. What is your problem if I am Rai or Raj? Prakash Rai is the son of Kannada Nadu and Coastal district. In Tamil Nadu, Telugu, Kerala and Mumbai people are calling me our Prakash Rai but I stand here in this place and say that I am the son of this soil. I am a pure Kannadiga. I speak human language. If anyone has any doubt they should come and ask me. MP Pratap Simha has the name of an animal, is it right to ask him whether he is a human being or an animal? Whether he speaks or roars? whether he is having food like us or… I hope those who have questioned me have got the answer.”

Prakash Rai also said, “Today some people do not want the Karavali Utsav to go on smoothly. They tried to stop me from coming to this beautiful programme. Some want to create communal violence in this beautiful district. We should celebrate the Utsav’s within us. We do not want communal violence. Those who indulge in communal violence, they do not understand the pain of the farmers. They do not understand the problems the youth face without a job. They do not see the fear in the eyes of the children. If any human dies we all should weep. We should not give communal colour to any death, instead, we should sit with the police and try to solve the case. We should be human first. Our children’s future is in our hands and we have to make it bright. Let this celebration bring everyone together and uphold the human values.”

District Minister In-charge Ramanath Rai, Minister for Food and Civil Supplies U T Khader, MLA Moideen Bava and MLA J R Lobo also spoke on the occasion.

DC Sasikanth Senthil, Police Commissioner T R Suresh, Mayor Kavitha, MCC Commissioner Mohammed Nazir, ZP CEO Dr M R Ravi, Pradeep Kumar Kalkura and others were also present. Manohar Prasad compered the programme.

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Original R.Pai
6 years ago

“We should not give communal colour to any death…” says the guy who has been giving communal color to the murder of Gowri Lankesh without any clear proof. Do these guys even understand what comes out of their mouth? He is the one misusing a cultural event to spew his political views and target his critics. The irony is nauseating. Also, where was his passion when certain elements in minority community engage in violence and illegal acts? Why is he not uttering a word on illegal slaughterhouses and cow theft? How about a comment on growing influence of ISIS? Or… Read more »

6 years ago