Not Smart! Reconstructing a Demolished ‘Clock Tower’ & Ignoring other Civic Issues

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Not Smart! Reconstructing a Demolished ‘Clock Tower’ & Ignoring other Civic Issues

Mangaluru: Are our Mangaluru City Corporation officials hooked on stupidity or what? Sources reveal that MCC is all geared up to waste nearly Rs7-8 crore of tax-payers money to reconstruct a “Clock Tower” near Town Hall in the City, which was demolished a few years ago to make way for smooth flow of traffic. While everything is going on well along the stretch of this road, why even bother to mess it up, when the reconstruction of the Clock Tower starts. Why not use the same funds of this project on the dilapidated roads which are need of the hour. Only people with no common sense would come up such a project- what’s the point in making city look Smart this way? Citizens should raise their voices against this plan by Mayor, and stop the project before it is finalized.

Before Demolishing…

Sources reveal that the Clock Tower which was demolished more than a decade ago to facilitate smooth flow of traffic, this landmark in all likelihood will make a reappearance latest by March 2018. Mangaluru City Corporation has invited a short tender for the construction of a new clock tower at the very same spot where it once stood, near University College/Town Hall. Mayor Kavitha Sanil briefing the media said that it was at her insistence that this project has been included in the list of works under the smart city project. She further said that tender for this will be opened on January 15, 2018, and that she wants to make her wish come true that the clock tower is ready before she ends her tenure as Mayor coming March.

According to MCC Commissioner Mohammed Nazeer, the proposed clock tower will be 21 metres tall and rectangular in shape, very much resembling the old city icon. Briefing the media he said, “We have tried to retain the architectural look of the old clock tower in this new project and it will have clocks facing all four sides. The project will help the city reconnect with its past, surmising that the area abutting Town Hall, taluk panchayat and university college is still referred to as clock tower by the old timers.”

….After Clock Tower Demolish

Incidentally, MLA J R Lobo in October 2013 had mooted the idea of rebuilding the Clock Tower. Lobo, also the former commissioner of MCC had said that the project would help the city reconnect with its past and would be constructed in a manner and location that it would not impede smooth flow of traffic. Lobo, then however had favoured a bold new design for the project and not necessarily stick with the old design.

With the ancient clock tower gone with the wind, the citizens of Mangaluru have to wait and watch as to when a new clock tower will relinquish the memories of the old one. Even decade after the only clock tower of Mangalore was pulled down, many Mangaloreans get nostalgic about it and feel that it is a hasty and wrong decision of the district administration to reconstruct the structure once again.Whether Mayor’s wish will come true before she exits her office in March 2018 with this project-or will it be like the Musical Fountain which was suppose to open long back is till hanging in there with fresh controversies- anyways let’s keep our fingers crossed and make it believe once the clock tower is complete-and in the meantime some of the corrupt officials will pocket hugesome money from this project-like they always do? Bah humbug!

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