Notices Served to 44 persons for Calling District Bandh

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Notices Served to 44 persons for Calling District Bandh

Mangaluru: “No one has the right to call for a Bandh. According to the supreme court, no one could agitate on the streets or call for a bandh. In this connection we have issued notices to 44 persons who have called for a bandh in the district”, said police commissioner Chandra Sekhar, in a press meet held at his office here  on February 23.

Chandra Sekhar further said, “We will not allow anyone to disturb the law and order situation. We will take action against those who indulge in anti-social activities. We have already issued notices to 44 persons under section 107, and asked for clarifications about the type of bandh in Mangaluru.”

Chandra Sekhar also said, “All security measures will be taken during the visit of Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan to Mangaluru. We will also provide all the security to the organizers of the programme on February 25. We will also monitor those who indulge in anti-social activities and take necessary action against them.”

Additional police force has been deployed in the district. More than 2000 police and 20 KSRP Platoons will arrive to the district to maintain law and order in the Mangaluru. From the district, 1500 police personnel have been deployed.

Police commissioner Chandra Sekhar further said, “People have the right to protest peacefully and these are the basic rights which need to be protected. On February 25, the CM of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan is coming to address the Communal Harmony rally. Some organisations have called for a bandh. Calling for a Bandh is unconstitutional and there is a supreme court ruling on it. We have taken all the measures, 6 SP’s 10 DySP’s, and 2000 men and women officers have been called from other districts. In the Mangaluru city commissionerate, more than 1500 police will be diployed. We will ensure that there is peace in the jurisdication. We are committed to our duties and will take whatever measures necessary to maintain the law and order”.

Chandra Sekhar further said, “People should not listen to rumours. We will interact with the press and media, and they can always call us for clarifications. If anyone is involved in any mischief, people can contact the control room by calling 100, which works round the clock. We are also monitoring the control room, we have fixed 600 CCTV cameras in various locations and 6 drones have also been arranged. We will take all the measures to ensure peace in the district”.

Responding to the quaries Chandra Sekhar said, “We have booked people under the preventive section and we are taking bonds from them. Whoever has signed the bonds we will leave them, if they don’t sign the bonds we will arrest them and send them to various jails. 120 people have executed the bonds so far. They have given in written that they will not indulge in any illegal activities. They have mentioned that they nor their followers will indulge in any illegal activities”.

When asked about the attack on CPM office, Police commissioner said, “Cases will be booked against those indulging in illegal activities. We have also booked two cases in the North pand East police station against the damage of banner in Pumpwell and other areas. We respect every citizen’s right to protest peacefully. I stand for the right of those who protest peacefully whoever they are. If someone tries to take the law into their hands they will be in trouble. Protesting is the basic essence of democracy, a particular place has been alloted for them to protest. Even if anyone protests against me, I will stand for their right to protest but if they say that they will do this and that and disturb the peace we will not let anyone do it”.

When asked about stone pelting which is common and how will you prevent it? Chandra Sekhar said, “We have enough intelligence to find out the offenders. We are not trying to trouble people, but people who are involved in illegal activities will be dealt with. If there is any untoward incident we will take action on those responsible. Checking will also be done at the border points.

SP Bhushan Borase said, “We have taken all the measures to prevent any untoward incidents from taking place. There will be 2 SPs, 1 Additional SP, 123 officers of different rank, 550 HC /PCs, 300 homeguards, 6 KSRPS, 10 DAR, 100 vehicles for patrolling and 2 Rapid intervention forces will be deployed for maintaining the law and order situation. We are erecting CCTV’s in 17 checkpoints, and we will monitor the movements. Whatever damage caused during the Harthal will be recovered from the responsible person/organization. We are also monitoring the social media and will take action against rumour mongers. If anyone receives any message causing trouble, please forward it to the police instead of sharing it on the social media”.

DCP Law and order Shantharaju and DCP Crime and traffic Dr Sanjeev Patil were also present.

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