Whenever I hear someone talk about Mangalore, everything comes back like a big refreshing wave and the heart yearns to be under the shades of those cocunut trees. Who would not want to enjoy the moments when ‘you’ were the centre of attention and evrything begins and ends with what ‘you’ want. Who would not want to be engrossed in those different types of chutneys and dosas and not to enjoy that sweet, pure water from the unspoilt hollowness of the tender cocunuts from the back yard. Who would not want to wake up to the sounds and voices of all the different birds imaginable singing to the tunes of your presence among them. Who would not want to wet your feet on those rain water filled puddles and the smell of fresh grass around you. The taste of grandmas hand made mango pickle brings tingles in your taste buds and fills your senses with desire.

Announcers voice, ‘Final call for passengers for the IA flight to Dubai’ .. Phone rings, voice from the other end ‘Hi Nads, Pete here, just checking if your flights on time, and by the way dont forget the presentation for Cowells tomorrow’ .. Back to work, back to reality.

Author: Nadim Ahmed- UAE