Hooked On Books

""Name: Nicole D’Souza
Daughter of: Dolores and Ken D’Souza
Grade: 7
School: Al Diyafah High School
Place of residence: Dubai, UAE
Place of origin: Mangalore

Hooked On Books
Some love to eat, some love to play,
Some others really need ?
? to sleep a lot, some love to sing,
But I just love to read.

A Harry Potter book will do
just fine; but then again,
A comic or a magazine
Is fodder for my brain.

Man’s best friend is the dog, they say,
I have to disagree
Just give me a book ? or better still
A well-stocked library!

My brother’s hooked to PC games,
My Mum prefers TV,
Dad uses music to relax,
But it’s J.K. Rowling for me!

And if I ever end up
On a deserted island,
I’ll live on fruit and water
But I’ll need my books at hand!