Off the field, Dwayne Bravo enjoys doing music

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Chennai, May 4 (IANS) Chennai Super Kings cricketer Dwayne Bravo says he likes to unwind by composing music when he’s not on the field. Now, the West Indian cricketer has launched his latest single “Chalo Chalo”.

“When i’m not playing cricket, I’m known as DJ Bravo. I enjoy doing music. I’ve always been interested to do something in Indian music. ‘Chalo Chalo’ is an achievement in that,” Bravo told IANS.

On Sunday, Bravo sang and danced to the single, which also features Indian origin Trinidad singer Nisha B.

” ‘Chalo Chalo’ is a mixed genre song featuring Caribbean music with western and Indian influences,” Bravo said.

Divo, a Chennai-based digital entertainment company, has released the single. The official music video will be released shortly.

In the past, he has grooved to a Tamil folk song from the film “Ula”. He also played a cameo in it.

“I’d love to do more films. I think love for music is common in India and my hometown Trinidad and Tobago,” said Bravo, and added he plans to set up DJ Bravo dance School here.

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