Oman Tuluver ….. Yakshagana ‘Manikantha Mahime’

Oman Tuluver ….. Yakshagana ‘Manikantha Mahime’

Ruwi: The final countdown has begun and Oman Tuluver is gearing up to set the stage for the Yakshagana ballet “Manikantha Mahime”, tomorrow – Friday, October 14th at The Grand Hall, Al Falaj Hotel, Ruwi.


This Yakshagana event in Kannada will be presented by Majan Events in association with Oman Tuluver.

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Arrival of the artistes:

A team of artistes has arrived today, namely, the well renowned Bhagavathar Sathish Shetty Patla along with Shashikanth Vagenadu, Akshay Kumar, Laxman Marakada, Gangadhar Shettigar, Kishore Gatti and the artistes from Yakshamitra, U.A.E.



All Yakshagana art lovers will now savour a great feast for their eyes and ears tomorrow.

The team of Oman Tuluver welcomed the artistes warmly and presented them with floral bouquets. The Grand Hall will sport a fully packed hall of Yakshagana art lovers.