Other Than Milk, Fuel, Medicine Rest of Shops CLOSED-Just Another Waste of SUNDAY & INCOME?

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Other Than Milk, Fuel, Medicine Rest of Shops Totally CLOSED-Just another Waste of SUNDAY & INCOME, due to TOTAL SUNDAY LOCKDOWN Enforced by the State Government/District Administration

Mangaluru: Probably this could be the last Total Lockdown Sunday, since learning his wrong decision, CM Yediyurappa has said that the Lockdown is not a solution to contain COVID-19 woes, and it won’t be extended further in the State, including Bengaluru. Yediyurappa had said the same earlier this week after a meeting with the Karnataka COVID-19 task force as well. However, change in his plans could happen at the last minute also.

After few days of relaxed Lockdown, where people were allowed to shop for essentials between 8 am and 11 am, it’s once again Total Lockdown Sunday, where there is no time allowed to do any shopping, except for those who are in desperate need of milk, fuel, medicine and newspapers-such businesses were open, while the rest of the City wore a deserted look, with all other shops shut down. But is it worth to have One Day of Total Lockdown, and will it serve any Purpose, is what citizens ask?

Once again, Mangaluru is seeing a TOTAL LOCKDOWN on Sunday, except essential services like medical shops, milk booths, fuel stations, newspaper stalls and hospitals are open, while other businesses are closed. But ask any citizens, where nine out of ten will say “What’s the use of having just one day as total lockdown with harsh restrictions and allow the rest of six days of the week for people to take it easy, disobey COVID-19 guidelines and go by their will and wish?”. And that’s what has been happening, and it’s true!

However, it looks like today’s ‘SUNDAY TOTAL LOCKDOWN has received an excellent positive response, with a few milk booths, fuel stations, newspaper stalls, medical stores open. The city streets wore a deserted look, with only a few two-wheelers and cars seen moving around, and also a bevy of morning walkers and joggers enjoying their exercise spree. And few prominent spots in the City like Nanthur, Jyothi, Clock Tower, Kankanady Pumpwell, Bunts Hostel, among other places, cops were cracking down on motorists for violating the lockdown norms. And as usual, these violators come up with lame excuses/reasons, but some get lucky to be allowed by the cops to go, while a few others will get their vehicles taken to the police stations.

And for those who had scheduled weddings today (Sunday), they were permitted by the dist admin to carry on with their function, provided those attending the function obtain vehicle passes from the administration. No other functions/programmes were allowed today- and the weddings that took place today followed the guidelines of government pertaining to COVID-19, by wearing face masks and social distancing. Unfortunately, the happy photos taken today, with face masks on, for keepsake and photo album, will not be a good sign. Anyways, Team Mangalorean wishes all the newly wed-locked couples today on this special Sunday Total lockdown, a happy married life!

But in the meantime, citizens say what is the need to have only SUNDAY as a total lockdown day, when the relaxation of Lockdown is permitted on other six days of the week? Is it just a publicity stunt to show that the government and administration are working hard and doing one heckuva job to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Or it is intelligence overloaded? But frankly speaking, Total Lockdown does not work here, as we have seen in the past. And with a bunch of police stationed at a few city busy spots, they will perform their duties by taking it easy as usual, and that’s it. Can’t blame these cops, because they are fed up with the Lockdown every now and then, and a Total Lockdown Sunday is just one more example. What a joke!

Like I said it earlier, I still don’t understand the logic behind, by enforcing strict Lockdown, does it mean that the deadly Coronavirus is active and on the go only on a Sunday- so that we all sit inside glued to our seats watching TV or sipping on our favourite cocktails and beer or just socializing with the family- and rest six days of the week, the Corona Virus will be taking it easy, inactive and weak, so that it won’t affect us. It is like making different holes in the door for different sized cats when they know all the cats can enter through the single hole… a void of logic. Nothing but a Joke, when it comes to today’s Total Lockdown!

As a counter-argument, the researchers should study on how much percentage of corona spread might be avoided just on a one-day lockdown per week? Anyways, it seems like today will be a holiday for us and a working day for COVID-19. Oh well- the much talked about Total Lockdown is here, and if you all are feeling bored, start chanting “Go Corona, Go Corona! or Taali Bajavo and Corona Baghavo! Nothing more I can say, but to wish you all a yet another HAPPY SUNDAY LOCKDOWN DAY!

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